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Seven high-tech enterprises have settled in Haishu! The second Ningbo Haishu "Science and Technology China" track star came to a successful conclusion.

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The successful conclusion of the stars of the second Ningbo Haishu "Science and Technology Innovation China" track is also the opening of these innovative enterprises 'growth in Haishu.

Scientific and technological innovation has become a key variable affecting the global economic and social development pattern and competition pattern. How to link scientific and technological innovation with regional economy has become a new topic for regional development. Based on this, Ningbo Haishu joined hands with Alibaba Cloud to launch the second Ningbo Haishu "Science and Technology Innovation China" track star activity. The activity accurately locates innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises in the field of integration of digital economy and the real world, invites experts, scholars and industrial tutors from various fields of self-production, learning, research and investment, provides guidance and support on capital, policy and technology for student enterprises in terms of project landing, strategic decision-making, organizational capacity, industrial financing and financing docking, further gathers, strengthens and stores scientific innovation ability, and consolidates regional development hard strength.

I. Policy matrix aggregates innovative resources

"Ningbo Haishu's intelligent manufacturing industry is developed, transportation is convenient, and people have a good foundation. At the same time, Haishu also has generous investment promotion policies, meticulous enterprise services, and a very sound incubation system in the intelligent field. "At the signing ceremony officially settled in Haishu, Li Fangyou, CEO of Nankong Chitian Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., lamented the high matching between Haishu and the landing of autonomous aircraft enterprises.

It is not only Nankong Chitian that is attracted by this hot land of innovation and entrepreneurship. On December 13, at the star closing ceremony of the second Ningbo Haishu "Science and Technology Innovation China" track, 7 scientific and technological enterprises collectively signed contracts to settle in Haishu, covering many hot fields such as new materials, new energy and new consumption.

Signing Ceremony for the Star Settlement of the Second Ningbo Haishu "Science and Technology Innovation China" Track

"Haishu has always placed scientific and technological innovation at the core of the overall modernization drive. "The relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology Bureau of Haishu District said.

Science and technology lead development, innovation changes the future. In order to continuously tap the new momentum of innovation and development, Haishu attracts excellent talents and high-quality projects from home and abroad with policy matrix, gradually forming a strong magnetic field of various innovation resources gathering.

From the perspective of innovation ecology, Haishu has successively introduced a number of high-quality projects such as Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute and Ali Center with innovation platform, innovation subject, innovation ecology and innovation space as strong innovation support in the region. It has built a full-chain "double-innovation" incubation system of "incubator-accelerator-industrialization," expanded the space for all-round scientific innovation such as Cuibaili Innovation Block, formed Haishu's unique "double-innovation" environment, and provided a better growth platform for high-tech enterprises and innovative and entrepreneurial talents.

In terms of enterprise empowerment, in recent years, the five industrial technology research institutes in Haishu District have continuously played an innovative enabling role, accumulatively built 34 innovation platforms of various types, incubated more than 50 scientific and technological enterprises, and the intelligent factory operating system has been recognized by the first batch of provincial technology innovation centers, making new breakthroughs in the fields of National Science and Technology Award, provincial new R & D institutions, innovative leading enterprises, etc.

From the perspective of talent introduction, Haishu took the opportunity of the construction of "Science and Technology Innovation China" pilot area and engineer Youhao District to formulate and implement competitive policies and measures and actively introduce and cultivate all kinds of innovative talents. The total number of talents in the whole region reached 251,200, including 65 national and provincial leading talents. The number of municipal talent projects selected ranked first in the city for 5 consecutive years and was awarded the title of advanced county and city in talent work for 5 consecutive years.

It is reported that Haishu District will continue to "nest and attract phoenix," promote new materials, high-end equipment, information technology, life and health, new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection industries and teams to settle in Haishu, and make every effort to create a new digital economic highland and artificial intelligence development leading area in the whole province.

II. Accelerate enterprise growth and create global innovation

Ningbo Haishu "Science and Technology Innovation China" track star gathering activity is Haishu cooperation Alibaba Cloud, facing the national digital economy, intelligent manufacturing and other fields of enterprise founders issued an invitation to entrepreneurship and innovation. In May last year, the stars of the first Ningbo Haishu "Science and Technology Innovation China" track gathered for the first time in Haishu, attracting more than 3000 innovative projects to participate. After layer upon layer screening, 5 excellent enterprises finally settled in Haishu successfully.

"This is the key to creating a 'tropical rainforest' global innovation ecology in Cuibaili Innovation Block, Haishu District. Gather technology, products, business ecology, collaborative capital and policies and other advantageous resources to promote Haishu to the whole country and assist the transformation and upgrading of Haishu industry. "The relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology Bureau of Haishu District said.

In October this year, the stars of the second Ningbo Haishu "Science and Technology Innovation China" track were officially assembled. A total of 40 high-potential enterprises were selected as track stars, and 7 enterprises successfully settled in Haishu.

Star Closing Ceremony of the Second Ningbo Haishu "Science and Technology Innovation China" Track

Since the assembly, starting from the actual needs of enterprise development, the track star has set up professional, customized, diversified and actual combat activities for the selected enterprises, including seven sections such as strategy, organization, marketing and financing. Industry experts, investors, legal advisers and other think tank guests had an enthusiastic exchange with entrepreneurs.

"Our industry is carbon capture, which is relatively policy-oriented. In the process of gathering, face-to-face communication with relevant expert leaders directly answered some of the problems we encountered or foreseen in the development process, and also gave detailed and specific answers in terms of policies. "Mu Wentao, partner of Ningbo Jiaheling Carbon Technology Co., Ltd., who was selected as a track star and successfully settled in Haishu, said.

What impressed Mu Wentao even more was the "sincerity" of this gathering,"which provided many very thoughtful services, and all complicated matters encountered in the process of enterprise establishment could be solved concretely and conveniently. We are deeply touched by the fact that we actually consider the problems encountered in growth from the perspective of the enterprise and take the initiative to prompt them. "

The settlement of these high-quality enterprises in Haishu will further strengthen Haishu's innovative science and technology industrial chain and ecological chain, and at the same time help the accelerated growth of enterprises themselves.

Chu Eryong, general manager of Alibaba Cloud's SME Brand Department, likened the importance of the entrepreneurial environment to "Mengmu's three moves":"Mengmu chose a good environment to accelerate Mencius 'learning, while Haishu provided a good environment for all enterprises, including convenient transportation, solid resources, continuous transportation of talents and support from various policies, thus accelerating the growth of enterprises. "

At the same time, Alibaba Cloud will continue to further integrate Alibaba Cloud in cloud and artificial intelligence technology, products and business ecological resources through Alibaba Cloud Entrepreneur Program, Alibaba Cloud Entrepreneur Community, Alibaba Cloud Accelerator and other projects, so as to provide growth acceleration services for member enterprises and realize mutual empowerment.

The successful conclusion of the stars of the second Ningbo Haishu "Science and Technology Innovation China" track is also the opening of these innovative enterprises 'growth in Haishu.

"It is hoped that the students and teams of the track star activities can take Haishu as the starting point for entrepreneurship and the place to realize dreams. We will continue to do a good job in service guarantee and help the enterprise become bigger and stronger with the greatest sincerity, the best service and the best environment. "The relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology Bureau of Haishu District said.

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