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Zhejiang standardizes the electricity price of electric vehicle recharging facilities, which is expected to decrease by 10% per cent.

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Shulou( Report-- December 19 news, Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission, Market Supervision Bureau, State Grid Zhejiang Province Electric Power Co., Ltd. further optimize and standardize electric vehicle charging and switching facilities electricity prices, operational centralized charging and switching facilities trough period 22:30- 8:00 the next day, peak electricity price floating ratio from 80% to 50%, trough electricity price floating ratio from 53% to 60%. The policy will be implemented on January 1,2024, and the average electricity price of Zhejiang charging and switching facilities will drop by 10%-15%. notes that Zhejiang divides electric vehicle charging and replacement facilities into four categories for price management.

The first category, that is, residential households and non-residential users who implement residential electricity prices, directly report to power grid enterprises for installation of charging and switching facilities. The electricity price shall be subject to residential combined meter price, and the electricity price or peak-valley time-of-use price may be selected.

The second category is the charging and switching facilities (including centralized ones) directly reported to the power grid enterprises in residential quarters. The electricity price shall be subject to the combined meter price of residents, and the peak-valley time-of-use price shall be implemented.

The third category, namely, the commercial centralized charging and switching facilities directly reported to the power grid enterprises in other places, the electricity price shall be subject to the two-part system of industry and commerce, and the peak-valley time-of-use electricity price shall be implemented, and the demand (capacity) electricity fee shall be exempted before 2030.

The corresponding peak and valley time division and peak and valley electricity price fluctuation proportion are shown in the figure below. Flat price is formed by marketization, peak-valley price is formed by floating proportion based on flat price. Flat section electricity price includes on-grid electricity price, line loss cost of on-grid link, system operation cost, transmission and distribution price, government fund and surcharge.

The fourth category, that is, all charging and switching facilities that have not been directly reported to the power grid enterprises, shall be subject to the electricity price corresponding to the place where they are located.

In addition to charging electricity fees from users, the operating entities of electric vehicle charging and replacing facilities may charge service fees from users. The service fees shall be subject to market adjustment prices, which shall be independently formulated by the operating entities on the basis of making up for costs and reasonable income.

The business entity shall strictly implement the clearly marked price, publicize the charging price at prominent positions such as the business site and charging and replacing App, including the total charging unit price (i.e."one-price") and the sub-unit price of electricity charge and service charge, and shall not charge any unmarked fees in addition to the price.

The operating entity shall recover the costs other than electricity charges and obtain income through service fees, and shall not add other fees to electricity charges.

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