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Shenze data is rated as the leader category of IDC MarketScape China customer data platform (CDP)

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Recently, IDC, a leading global IT market research and consulting company, released a report entitled "IDC MarketScape: supplier Evaluation of Chinese customer data platform Software 2023" (Doc # CHC50498823, December 2023), which conducted a comprehensive evaluation of CDP vendors based on strategy and capability. Shenze data entered the leading category of China customer data platform (CDP) in 2023 and became the focus of the industry.

About IDC MarketScape:

The IDC MarketScape vendor evaluation model is designed to provide an overview of the competitiveness of information and communication technology (ICT) vendors in specific markets. The research method uses strict qualitative and quantitative standard scoring method to illustrate the position of each manufacturer in a specific market with a single graph. IDC MarketScape provides a clear framework for meaningful comparisons of IT and ICT vendors' products, services, capabilities, and strategies, as well as current and future market success factors. The framework also provides technology buyers with 360-degree advantages and disadvantages assessment for current or potential manufacturers, and provides a reference for technology buyers.

Moreover, according to IDC's "Chinese customer data platform Vendor share, 2022" (Doc # CHC50366123,2023 April) report, Shenze CDP also ranks first in the market share with a clear advantage, leading the industry.

Shenze data's customer data platform (CDP) products show significant competitiveness and strength in the market. The evaluation of IDC fully affirms the obvious advantages of Shenze CDP in global data access and data fusion, implementation cost and interface friendliness, real-time data processing and so on. Shenze CDP is very suitable for enterprises that need digital transformation and growth, especially in finance, brand retail, Internet and other industries.

Over the past eight years, Shenze data has served 2000 + enterprises. In the process of digital implementation with enterprises, we have a clear insight into the key requirements of enterprises for CDP products, mainly in the aspects of multi-source data access, data model construction, data label processing, etc., and continue to expand product capability boundaries and service capabilities around customer business scenarios.

First of all, after years of polishing, Shenze data has established a new visual data access framework for complex data access scenarios. With the increasing diversity of user contacts, enterprises want to build the digital capability of omni-channel business, which requires the effective integration of scattered and chaotic data to build a unified basic customer data platform. In this regard, Shenze CDP not only has excellent flexibility and scalability, but also can decouple from the field of external data sources and internal data modeling. At the same time, Shenze data is also actively exploring the ecological integration with mainstream cloud native data warehouse, committed to realizing the seamless integration of CDP and enterprise data warehouse, thus enabling business operation and growth.

Secondly, Shenze CDP not only provides the visual import ability and multi-entity model of heterogeneous data sources, but also helps enterprises to organize and associate the data logically, which lays a solid foundation for subsequent data applications. The accuracy and diversity of data is always a challenge for the customer data platform-if the same ID can not be identified, the accuracy of the data will be difficult to guarantee, and the subsequent interactive marketing will also cause trouble to customers; if there is a lack of rich business data (order data, commodity data, etc.), the value of the data will not be maximized. In view of this situation, on the one hand, Shenze data comprehensively ensures unified insight and analysis of enterprise global data through ID-Mapping (One-ID); on the other hand, Shenze's new generation of multi-entity data model takes into account both flexibility and expansibility, and can also be closer to the actual business scenarios.

Finally, Shenze CDP integrates four capabilities: data integration, modeling, processing and service. How to label users quickly and accurately, and can be applied to the landing work of operational strategies at any time, has always been a strong business demand of enterprises, which requires a very strong data processing ability to support. Based on years of industry practice, Shenze data precipitates data processing capabilities with complete structure and comprehensive system, starting from the most basic feature combination and file import, to rule capabilities, EQL capabilities, and the most complex SQL processing capabilities, to meet the data processing needs of enterprises with different roles, different development stages and different complexity.

As one of the core platform-level products of Shenze data, Shenze CDP integrates the four core competencies of data integration, modeling, processing and service, and provides enterprises with one-stop, highly unified and flexible data processing and application solutions. It is characterized by real-time, self-service and openness, which together constitute its unique advantages in the market:

First, real-time (Real-Time). In diversified and personalized business scenarios, real-time performance is required for both customer journey analysis and customer itinerary scheduling. Shenze CDP's real-time data processing capability is very important. It provides multi-level and multi-faceted real-time data capabilities, such as real-time label and batch integrated audience computing engine to meet the analysis and marketing needs of enterprises under different time requirements. Real-time is not only the core design concept of Shenze CDP, but also its innovation goal in technology and architecture.

Second, self-service (Self-Serve). The self-service capability emphasized by Shenze CDP enables business people to complete data modeling and architecture design independently, which not only improves the efficiency of scenario implementation, but also reduces the complexity of cross-departmental collaboration. The self-service function enables users who need data applications to make customized modeling according to their own needs, thus accelerating the data-driven decision-making process.

Third, openness (Open API). With the deepening of digital transformation, different industries and types of enterprises have put forward diversified requirements for CDP. The openness of Shenze CDP is reflected in its ability to adapt to the specific needs of different enterprises and combine flexibly like building blocks. By supporting API and plug-in, Shenze CDP can seamlessly integrate with customers' existing business systems to maximize the use of data resources and optimize business processes.

CDP is not only an external marketing tool, but also a key element of enterprise customer data integration strategy. In the practice of more than 2000 enterprise customers of Shenze data service, we deeply realize that the core goal of building CDP is to realize the deep activation of data. Through the efficient processing and modeling functions of CDP, enterprises can make full use of the massive public and private domain data in the customer's whole life cycle, so as to support higher-level data applications, such as customer journey analysis and personalized marketing, and then release the potential value of the data. As IDC points out, "externally, CDP may be primarily a marketing resource, but internally, it is also an integral part of the enterprise customer data integration roadmap."

With the increasing understanding of the value of CDP and the continuous maturity of product functions, China's CDP market will also usher in a new round of rapid growth. After years of practice, Shenze CDP has proved its strong ability in data value extraction, index creation, data ecosystem optimization, data asset management and so on. Shenze data will continue to expand the value range of CDP to meet the needs of enterprises in terms of scale expansion, security improvement, in-depth analysis and so on.

With the interim regulations on Accounting treatment of Enterprise data Resources of the Ministry of Finance to be implemented on January 1, 2024, enterprise "data assets" will usher in a new construction cycle. In view of this, we strongly recommend that companies consider including Shenze CDP as a core component of their digital strategy. By combining customer journey analysis engine and customer journey optimization engine, Shenze CDP can not only improve the insight of customer data, but also help enterprises to manage digital customers more efficiently. Now is the time to take action and take advantage of Shenze CDP's advanced technology and experience to bring unprecedented data-driven growth to your business.

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