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Another new record, Nokia realized 800Gbps ultra-long distance sea cable transmission of 6600 kilometers.

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Shulou( Report--, December 19, recently, Nokia and Orange announced that Nokia 1830 PSI-M modular optical transmission platform uses PSE-6s-based super-coherent optical transmission module to successfully create a single carrier 800Gbps transmission record on the 6600 km Orange transatlantic line Dunant.

The experiment is carried out under the existing network conditions, which verifies the ability of Orange to increase the capacity of the existing optical network to support end-to-end 400GE and next-generation 800GE services.

▲ source "Nochiabel" official account, the same as Note: Orange transatlantic submarine cable line Dunant is a land and submarine "hybrid" connection solution for commercial wholesale customers, whose traffic can reach four different POP points in the Paris area, providing more connection options for commercial wholesale customers.

In the experiment, Orange and Nokia demonstrated the error-free transmission performance of a single carrier 800Gbps on a 6600-kilometer link between Virginia Beach in the United States and the cable landing station in St. Hilaire de Ritz, France, compared with a transmission rate of 400G in 2021.

The test also shows that the total link distance from Virginia Beach to Paris is 7345 kilometers and the transmission rate is 700Gbps, compared with 300G in 2021. The terrestrial optical link part contains nine spans and multiple cascaded ROADM of Orange's existing optical network, using the WDM channel of 150GHz.

The field test successfully validates the planned upgrade scheme for the Orange long-distance network using the Nokia PSE-6s super coherent photon service engine, and proves that the device can expand the capacity and spectral efficiency of the existing submarine optical cable system. at the same time, compared with the existing coherent optical products, the number of coherent optical devices required is reduced by 33%, and the total power consumption is also reduced.

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