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Jiadalong's first mahjong sound HIFI magnetic axis "Magneto Axis" released: 55 yuan in 10 boxes

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Shulou( Report-- December 19 news, Jiadalong's first mahjong sound HIFI magnetic axis "Magneto Shaft" is now on the shelves, 10 boxed price of 55.02 yuan. Officials say this is a combination of HIFI elements and modern magnetic axis technology to provide a unique experience.

According to reports, the bottom of the magnetic jade shaft sealed the sound, ensuring the purity of the sound quality and realizing the crisp HIFI sound. Magneto shafts are also round permanent magnets with Hall sensors down, and keyboard magnets that support Gadalon's double-rail magnetic orange shaft can also be used.

In terms of parameters, the initial force of the magnet shaft is 30 gf, the total stroke is 3.5mm, it is factory self-lubricating, the stroke can be defined and the service life is 100 million times.

Officials say the shaft supports keyboard models of brands such as Steelseries, wooting and Corsair, and is not compatible with conventional mechanical keyboards. learned from Jiadalong that the official release of three new magnetic axes was held a few days ago, namely, the dual-rail magnetic orange shaft, the Magneto shaft and the 37B dual-rail magnetic white shaft. Officials say the innovative dual-rail structure is significantly more stable than the previous magnetic axis, with little shaking on the keycap. The core part adopts the principle of magnetic coupling and uses the Hall induction effect to make the response of the keys more rapid and accurate. this design allows you to enjoy a smooth feel and accurate trigger in each press.

Tmall Jiadalong Magneto Shaft 55.02 yuan direct link

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