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The best choice for outbound travel! Multinational unlimited flow eSIM card breaks the price ice!

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The first double Day holiday after the end of the epidemic is approaching, and the popularity of travel for the New year is soaring day by day. With the liberalization of the visa policy, people's travel destinations are no longer limited to China. It is worth considering going to Northern Europe to experience the wild snow-capped mountains, to Japan to experience the romance of snow, to Australia to relive the lazy summer, or to North America for an authentic Christmas. In the course of travel, if you want to share this happiness with you all the time, going abroad to surf the Internet is an unavoidable problem.

When it comes to outbound Internet access, we often remember that there are several ways to open roaming, rent an WIFI, and apply for a local SIM card, but the tariff, network speed, stability and the time cost paid for it will always bring us trouble.

Nowadays, as a convenient, stable and fast way to surf the Internet abroad, eSIM card has gradually entered everyone's field of vision, and in the biggest travel season in Europe and the United States in winter, BuzzeSIM, one of the pioneers in the field of eSIM card, is carrying out promotional activities to break the price bottom line.

Different from the traditional way, the biggest difference of eSIM card is that it gets rid of the shackles of physical card, which makes it easy to install a new SIM card and get corresponding services anytime and anywhere, especially for transnational tourists and business travelers.

In this promotion, BuzzeSIM has selected the two most popular regions, the United States and Japan, to provide you with 15-day unlimited traffic data covering the best travel time with an unprecedented discount:

Us 15-day unlimited traffic eSIM discount price: £15.5 (original price £30.99)

American products have unlimited high-speed data traffic, have local numbers in the United States, can make local calls in the United States for an unlimited period of time, and can send text messages to 200 + countries around the world. Enjoy the most extensive 5G network in the United States.

Japan 15-day unlimited traffic eSIM discount price: £19 (original price £37.99)

Japanese products have unlimited high-speed data flow, easy-to-use installation mode (mainstream scan QR code installation mode), and choose the three most mainstream telecom operator networks in Japan. Activate immediately after landing and connect seamlessly.

Of course, for countries and regions outside these two regions, BuzzeSIM provides options for family travel or multi-person travel packages that are lacking in traditional methods:

2 people travel to buy 2 items on any website at a 20% discount.

3 people travel to buy 3 items on any website at a 30% discount.

4 people travel to buy 4 items on any website at a 50% discount.

Considerate package + super discount, BuzzeSIM has carried out the founding purpose of "providing customers with cost-effective, fast and flexible overseas communication package". The ability to accurately grasp the needs of users outside the camera is due to the understanding of the industry by senior people in the company's founding team who have been deeply involved in the telecommunications industry for many years. At present, BuzzeSIM Telecom LTD has service teams in many countries and regions, such as China and the United Kingdom, which can provide timely and effective service response to customers around the world. If you want to know more details about enterprises and products, you can check or place an order on the company's official website.

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