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The third generation Snapdragon 8 helps Nubian Z60 Ultra build an all-round flagship for the New year

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On December 19, Nubia held a new product launch and officially launched Nubia's first Ultra model, the Nubia Z60 Ultra, which is equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform. All-round, Nubia Z60 Ultra focuses on images while creating a new benchmark for panoramic performance, making it Nubia's most recognizable flagship for the New year.

In terms of performance, Nubia Z60 Ultra is equipped with the newly upgraded third-generation Snapdragon 8, and its integrated Kryo CPU architecture is upgraded to "1: 5 Snapdragon 2". The highest frequency is as high as 3.3GHz. Compared with the previous generation, the performance is improved by up to 30%, and the energy efficiency is improved by as much as 20%. With the iron triangle combination of UFS4.0+LPDDR5X memory, the mobile phone runs fast, applications start fast, games load fast and other excellent user experiences are realized. At the same time, Qualcomm Adreno GPU has been fully upgraded, and its graphics rendering speed is 25% faster than that of the previous generation, the light recovery performance is 1.5 times that of the previous generation, and the energy efficiency is improved by 25%. In addition, the Qualcomm AI engine has also been fully upgraded. The enhanced Hexagon NPU increases AI performance by 3.5 times, spanning AI reasoning faster, 98% faster than the previous platform, and 40% per watt performance improvement, providing protection for Nubia Z60 Ultra panoramic performance experience.

Nubia Z60 Ultra is equipped with three high definition optical cameras, ranging from the choice of golden focal length to the combination of extreme and reasonable optical hardware to meet the needs of users for multi-scene shooting. The third generation of Snapdragon Sight Snapdragon imaging technology supported by Snapdragon 8 enables Nubia Z60 Ultra to achieve a breakthrough computing photography experience. The new three ISP can capture up to 3.2 billion pixels per second, increasing the number of recognizable semantic layers to 12, greatly increasing the number of enhanced elements in photos, and bringing an excellent leap in image quality. In terms of video, Nubia Z60 Ultra supports three cameras with 4K 120 frames of HD video, together with the pre-recording function of the first mobile phone, it is easy to lock the wonderful moments and miss any highlight moments. At the same time, Nubia Z60 Ultra NeoVision Taishan image system brings strong computational photography strength, 12 starry sky algorithm to make the shooting of the starry sky more vast and brilliant, long-range shooting more clear, no short board, light, easy to shoot blockbusters.

In terms of games, the third generation Snapdragon 8 supports leading Snapdragon Elite Gaming features, providing a strong foundation for the Nubian Z60 Ultra gaming experience, allowing Nubia Z60 Ultra to run popular heavy load mobile games. Not only that, the Nubia Z60 Ultra X-axis linear motor has a strong sense of vibration, rich vibration effects, lower noise, adapts to a variety of games and UI vibration effects, AI frame sensing technology can identify game scenes and actions, intelligent FM core, greatly improve energy efficiency and ensure stable release of performance.

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