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Sources say that Microsoft's next-generation Xbox will use AMD Zen 5 custom chips, which will be released as early as 2026.

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Shulou( Report--, December 19, YouTuber @ Red Gaming Tech claimed that Microsoft is preparing to advance the release date of the next generation Xbox from 2028 to 2026 in response to the release of PS5 Pro (unnamed) in the fourth quarter of next year.

He said the next-generation Xbox will use custom chips based on AMD Zen5 and RDNA5 architectures, and Microsoft has confirmed that it will adopt Navi 5 (RDNA5) graphics architecture (previously leaked FTC court documents) for the next-generation Xbox.

The document also shows that Microsoft was debating whether to choose the ARM64 architecture or the AMD X64-based Zen6 architecture, as well as whether to develop its own chip or obtain a GPU architecture license from AMD. In addition, Microsoft also plans to develop its own NPU products.

@ Red Gaming Tech said that due to the advance to 2026, Microsoft seems to have no choice but to choose the Zen5 architecture, and the advantage is that Microsoft can take advantage of this time lag to release its next generation of products before Sony releases PlayStation 6.

From this point of view, it is true that the next Xbox will be released earlier than the PlayStation 6, but Sony is currently developing a model that is stronger than the PS5, which is now likely to be launched in the second half of 2024.

According to current revelations, PS5 Pro will still use CPU (more frequently) based on Zen2 architecture, but it will switch to a new generation of RDNA3 graphics architecture and bring 30 WGP / 60 CU (the existing PS5 is 18 WGP / 36 CU) configuration, while also providing stronger storage performance, more details can be found in 's previous report.

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