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Great Wall Motor donated 5 million yuan in cash and 35 vehicles to help Gansu earthquake-stricken areas, and its five major brands launched care services.

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Shulou( Report--

Thank netizens for the unfilled clue delivery!, December 19, Great Wall Motor urgently announced that it would donate 5 million yuan in cash, 15 tanks, 300 tanks and 20 city guns to Gansu earthquake-stricken areas for emergency rescue and people's livelihood relief work.

For Great Wall car users raided by the disaster, the five major brands of Great Wall Automobile Harvard, Great Wall Gun, Wei Brand, Tank and Euler have launched six exclusive caring services for car owners: free road rescue, free vehicle inspection, free vehicle appearance cleaning, fast track for insurance claims settlement, maintenance of green channel and supply of spare parts.

As of 13:00 today, the 6.2-magnitude quake in Jishishan County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province had killed 113 people, injured 536, damaged 155393 houses and killed 13 people in Qinghai. As of 15:00, Gansu Fire Control had rescued a total of 67 people trapped and evacuated 685 people.

As of 19:30 today, power transmission has been restored to 2 damaged 35 kV lines and 15 10 kV lines in the Gansu earthquake area. Power supply has been restored in Gansu and Qinghai earthquake areas. summarizes the trends of Internet / science and technology enterprises in assisting the earthquake-stricken areas in Gansu:

Alibaba: the first batch of more than 50,000 boxes of emergency supplies was issued.

Xiaomi public welfare foundation: donate 5 million yuan

Lesser Fullness of Grain, a subsidiary of Baidu, donated 20 million yuan

Lenovo public welfare foundation: donate 1 million yuan

New Oriental and Oriental selection: donation of 10 million yuan

BYD: donate 10 million yuan in cash

ZTE Corporation: rush to Gansu earthquake-stricken area to carry out emergency communication and rescue support the first batch of relief supplies are on their way

Apple CEO Cook: will donate money to support rescue and reconstruction work in Gansu earthquake-stricken area

NetEase and "Egg Party": donating 5 million things

Alibaba: an additional 10 million yuan

Tencent: donate 20 million yuan

Byte beat: donate 20 million yuan

OPPO: donate RMB 10 million

Didi: the first members of the "Didi Public Rescue team" arrived in Lanzhou and deployed drivers to form a fleet.

Make a friend holding: donate 2 million yuan

Vivo: donate 10 million yuan

Shunfeng: the first batch of relief materials starts

Pinduoduo: donate 20 million yuan

BMW China: donate 3 million yuan

Ideal car: donate 10 million yuan

GAC GROUP: donated 5 million in cash, his vehicle brand has opened the user emergency rescue service channel.

Sina Group: donate 5 million yuan

Weilai: donate 5 million yuan, and the user public welfare foundation is working out a plan.

Ant Group: donated 10 million yuan, Alipay public welfare platform donated more than 3 million yuan

Mercedes-Benz: a large number of materials have been collected and shipped to Gansu

Great Wall Motor: donated 5 million yuan in cash and 35 vehicles to assist Gansu earthquake-stricken areas, and its five major brands launched care services.

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