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Mercedes-Benz C-class pure electric model road test spy photos exposed for the first time: based on MMA platform

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Shulou( Report-- December 19 news, AutoEvolution has now exposed Mercedes-Benz C-class pure electric version of the road test photos. The new car is expected to be released in late 2024 and in early 2025, and is expected to follow the design of the CLA concept car.

Mercedes-Benz unveiled a new CLA-class concept car on the eve of the Munich auto show in September, which is based on 800V high-voltage electrical architecture, is equipped with the new MB.OS operating system, has L3 smart driving capability, and the WLTP has a longer range than the 750km.

Back to this road test drive, it uses a slip-back styling design, equipped with traditional door handles rather than the popular hidden door handles, taillights and rims are test parts.

In addition, the road test looks different from the CLA concept car, which may draw on some of the designs of the second-generation EQC / GLC pure electric models, such as headlights, rearview mirrors and B-posts.

It is worth mentioning that there was news that Mercedes-Benz would abolish the EQ-like naming, so the name of the new car is still in doubt, at least not for now.

Mercedes-Benz officials have previously said that the MMA platform mass production model will be the first to be put into production in Rastat (Germany), Cage Kemet (Hungary) and Beijing Mercedes-Benz plants, meaning that the new car will also be introduced to the domestic market in the future, and will keep an eye on it.

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