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Microsoft integrates DALL-E 3 into the keyboard, and any App can be created.

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Shulou( Report--

Microsoft sent benefits, DALL-E 3 can be bound with the mobile keyboard! The keypad area changes into the biograph area in seconds, and can be used in any APP. Look, this is X (formerly Twitter), enter the prompt on the keyboard:

Click Create for a few seconds, and the image generated by DALL-E 3 will be embedded directly into the keyboard:

Then you can click on any picture and send it:

The artifact used is called Microsoft Swiftkey, an input method owned by Microsoft, which has integrated New Bing, which is also the key to being able to use DALL-E 3.

At present, Swiftkey is completely free, and both iOS and Android are available. After netizen Rowan Cheung discovered this game, he immediately published a course on eating:

While praising the collection, netizens exclaimed that "it has to be a large technology company for integration."

Immediately Rowan Cheung responded:

Google and Microsoft compete fiercely in seamless integration, and I really love it. In the end, consumers will be the winners of the competition.

If you don't say much, how to operate?

Food Guide take the iOS system as an example, the first step is to download the Microsoft Swiftkey input method:

Step 2, click "Settings-Keyboard" to enable Swiftkey:

You can then open the application, such as iMessage, X (Twitter).

Click "Little Earth" to switch to the Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard, and you will see a Bing icon in the upper left corner of the keyboard:

Finally, click on the emoji (Emoji) and you can see a pop-up bar of tools.

There is a Create icon, continue to click Create, a prompt box will appear, and then you can enter a prompt to generate a picture:

It is worth mentioning that the iOS version of Microsoft Swiftkey input method does not support Chinese. But it doesn't hurt, after all, you can switch to the default input method at will through "Little Earth".

Reference link:

Https:// rowancheung / status / 1736764028528025858

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