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3.3 million copies of Horizon: dawn of Zero sold best when hackers leaked sales of Sony's first-party games on Steam.

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Shulou( Report--, December 19, the hacker team Rhysida recently released a PPT message inside Sony SIE, showing the sales data of Sony SIE first-party games on the Steam platform.

It is reported that the PPT sales data as of February 6, 2022, which showed that "Horizon: dawn of Zero" sold the best, selling 3.3 million copies, this is the first Sony SIE first-party game launched on the PC platform. SteamDB showed that the rate of praise was 86.71%.

The PPT leaked by ▲ hackers, the source Reddit platform user "OrangeC-2003" collates the relevant game sales information as follows:

Horizon: dawn of Zero 3.3 million copies

2.5 million copies of God of War 4

1.7 million copies of "not the past"

1.3 million copies of Marvel Spider-Man: replica

483200 copies of the Mystery Sea: a Collection of Thieves

450200 copies of Spider-Man: miles Morales

62900 copies of "linen cloth adventures"

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