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Apple closes the authentication channel of iOS 17.1.1 Compact 17.1.2 to prevent users from downgrading

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Shulou( Report--, December 20, following the release of iOS 17..2 on December 11, Apple today released an update to iOS 17.2.1 and closed the authentication channel for both iOS 17.1.1 and iOS 17.1.2, which means that iPhone users can no longer be downgraded to these two versions.

In order to encourage users to update the operating system of their devices and ensure system security, Apple usually closes the authentication channel for the old version of iOS after the new version is released to prevent users from downgrading to an insecure version. notes that the latest version currently available for users to upgrade is iOS 17.2.1, which fixes several unspecified bugs. The previous version of iOS 17.2 introduced a new note-taking application, supported spatial video recording on the iPhone 15 Pro model, and updated applications such as information and Apple Music.

In addition, Apple is currently testing the iOS 17.3, which is expected to be launched in January next year.

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