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Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant Black Tortoise toughened Kunlun glass, achieving the road of Huawei Mate60 RS's "extraordinary master"

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‏ has triggered a wave of "machine abuse" craze after the launch of Huawei's Mate60 series. Some non-evil and deep-pocketed netizens tried their best to wash Mate60 in a washing machine, while others used Mate60 to hit nails, walnuts, or even subjected to extreme tests such as vehicle crushing. ‏

‏ these hard-core experiments let netizens watching the video shout for fun, but also shouted "heartache". Of course, with its ultra-reliable Black Tortoise architecture, these Huawei Mate60 series have successfully withstood the test of various kinds of "abuse" by netizens. ‏

‏ in fact, in addition to the Huawei Mate60 series, Huawei also launched a higher quality Huawei Mate60 RS extraordinary master. As the name "extraordinary Master", this is a super high-end flagship mobile phone that exceeds the ultra-reliable standard. ‏

‏ Huawei Mate60 RS extraordinary Master ‏‏ Huawei Mate60 RS extraordinary Master not only demonstrated Huawei's consistent top level in design and craftsmanship, but also adopted the ultra-reliable Black Tortoise architecture, which made it have an "unbreakable" super-reliable body. ‏

‏ first of all, is Huawei Mate60 RS extraordinary master unique Black Tortoise toughened Kunlun glass. But before we tell this piece of glass, it is necessary to review the story behind it. ‏

‏ previously mentioned in the CCTV documentary "the Road to Brand Power" that in the after-sales maintenance of mobile phones, nearly half of the screen damage orders. The birth of Kunlun glass, with a 10-fold increase in wrestling resistance, has made the fragile screen of mobile phones a thing of the past. In fact, the "Kunlun Glass" created by Huawei was not achieved overnight, but was realized through a long period of research and development and innovation of basic materials-- ‏.

‏ Huawei United Nations special glass enterprises cooperation development, from the very beginning to the actual commercial landing took 4 years. ‏

The strengthening layer of ‏ traditional glass panel has actually reached the ceiling in the technical path, so Huawei engineers found another way to find inspiration from the reinforced concrete structure, combined with the application scene of mobile phone, established the introduction of a large number of nanocrystals into the glass. ‏

The research and development process of ‏ Kunlun Glass is the same as the undulating and mountainous landforms of the Kunlun Mountains in its name. Over the past four years, Huawei has undergone numerous changes to the plan, during which it faced "premature death" and finally crossed the technological mountain to solve the industry problem of strength and optical matching of glass-ceramic materials. ‏

As a result, Kunlun Glass ‏‏ of the ‏ Mate50 series was first equipped with Kunlun Glass in the Mate50 series released in 2022, which increased the screen resistance to 10 times. ‏

Just one year after ‏, the Mate60 series upgraded the second-generation Kunlun glass, and the composite ion strengthening technology was upgraded again, and the falling resistance of the whole machine was twice as high as that of the first-generation Kunlun glass. With super tough Black Tortoise fuselage, the Mate60 series can withstand a variety of abuse tests. ‏

The second-generation Kunlun glass ‏‏ of the ‏ Mate60 series is not enough for Huawei. ‏

‏ so, on the extraordinary master of Huawei Mate60 RS, the new Black Tortoise toughened Kunlun glass is here-- ‏

‏ is made by the second generation Kunlun glass and Black Tortoise toughening technology, using high permeability, high hardness, ultra-scratch resistant amorphous drill carbon innovative materials, as well as structural strengthening technology, combined with pure crystallization, ultra-precision high vacuum magnetron sputtering process, scratch resistance increased by 300%, machine fall resistance increased by 100%, to achieve a more all-round protection effect. ‏

The outer screen of the ‏ Huawei Mate X5 folding screen phone also contains Black Tortoise toughened Kunlun Glass, which not only withstood the extreme test of "Shangdao Mountain", but also successfully helped Icelandic explorers travel through alpine streams and valleys to photograph volcanic eruptions. ‏

‏ returned to Huawei Mate60 RS extraordinary Master this product, under the more reliable Black Tortoise toughened Kunlun glass, there is also the world's first such deep four curved screen, screen curvature is consistent, such as the water cup full, fluid edge full but not overflowing, to achieve a very full visual sense of impact. IP68 class dustproof and water resistance makes waterproofing more deep, swimming pool parties or rainforest adventures can be handled calmly, Huawei Mate60 RS extraordinary master also has wet hand touch ability, not afraid of Rain Water's attack. ‏

‏ finished talking about this piece of Black Tortoise toughened Kunlun glass, and then talk about another super reliable technical support of Huawei Mate60 RS extraordinary master-super tough Black Tortoise fuselage. ‏

The super tough body of ‏ Black Tortoise increases the extrusion resistance of the whole machine 10 times. When the phone is accidentally dropped, the super tough body of Black Tortoise can protect the core devices of the phone at all times, bringing users full of sense of security. ‏

‏ Huawei Mate60 RS process design is also quite "extraordinary", its choice of ceramic and metal as the back cover material, ceramic and metal texture collision, showing outstanding taste. Huawei has also mass-produced red ceramics, adding cerium dioxide rare earth elements to the sintering process of red ceramics for the first time. After 1400 ℃ high-temperature calcination and more than 50 production processes, Huawei has created a uniform red color inside and outside, which is also a milestone for the first mass production and commercial use of red ceramics in the mobile phone industry. ‏

‏ wrote that in the end, ‏‏ combines Black Tortoise toughened Kunlun glass, super tough Black Tortoise fuselage and quenched extraordinary ceramic back cover, Huawei Mate60 RS extraordinary master brings a comprehensive and reliable protection experience for consumers. At a deeper level, the existence of this product has also become a "new benchmark for mobile phone reliability" and an insurmountable technological "mountain" for competitors in a short time. ‏

‏ should know that while competitors are still purchasing foreign Corning gorilla glass screens in the supply chain, or using a single reliable function such as a metal frame as a selling point, Huawei has achieved a comprehensive and reliable machine experience through underlying technology research and development with the help of ultra-reliable Black Tortoise architecture. Huawei's innovation in ultra-reliable quality will also lead to new thinking of competitors' product innovation, follow Huawei's pace in the exploration of mobile phone reliability quality, and ultimately benefit consumers. ‏

‏ returns to Huawei Mate60 RS extraordinary Master, which is the high-end fixed-point work of the current mobile phone industry and the overall reliability of the market. Similarly, Huawei folding flagship Mate X5 achieves comprehensive reliability inside and outside with ultra-reliable Black Tortoise toughened Kunlun glass outer screen and ultra-impact flexible inner screen, which fully meet the reliability requirements of high-end people for mobile phones. ‏

‏ can only rely on Mate to be the true flagship. Huawei Mate60 RS, Mate X5, and Mate60 series products are the new benchmark and leader in the reliability quality of flagship mobile phones. ‏

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