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Kuaishou donated 5 million yuan for earthquake relief and post-disaster reconstruction in Gansu and Qinghai.

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Thanks to netizen West Window old clues delivery! December 20 news, December 18 23:59 points, Gansu Province Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture Jishishan Baoan Dongxiang Sala Autonomous County earthquake occurred, focal depth 10 kilometers. As of this morning, the earthquake has killed more than 100 people in Gansu and Qinghai, and damaged some infrastructure such as water, electricity, transportation and communications.

Fast Hand Science and Technology released news at noon today, Fast Hand Public Welfare Foundation announced a donation of 5 million yuan for earthquake relief and post-disaster reconstruction in Gansu and Qinghai regions.

In addition, fast hand in the station online special entrance, joint authoritative media through live broadcast, Short Video and other forms to transmit earthquake relief information, and online related functions, online mourning compatriots.

Fast hand technology said, At present, For Gansu and Qinghai parts of the emergency assistance is still in progress, Fast hand will further play the platform strength to assist earthquake relief, For the disaster-stricken people to provide smooth and timely help channels, And focus on special groups and difficult groups of post-disaster relief and security. summarizes the dynamics of Internet/science and technology enterprises assisting Gansu earthquake-stricken areas:

Alibaba: The first batch of more than 50,000 boxes of emergency supplies sent out

Xiaomi Public Welfare Foundation: Donation of 5 million yuan

Baidu's degree Xiaoman: donation of 20 million yuan

Lenovo Public Welfare Foundation: Donate 1 million yuan

New Oriental and Oriental Selection: Donation of 10 million yuan

BYD: Donate 10 million yuan in cash

ZTE: rush to Gansu earthquake-stricken area to carry out emergency communication rescue guarantee

Jingdong: The first batch of relief supplies are on their way

Apple CEO Cook: Will donate money to support relief and reconstruction efforts in Gansu earthquake-stricken areas

Netease and "Egg Party": Donate 5 million materials

Alibaba: an additional 10 million yuan

Tencent: donated 20 million yuan

ByteDance: Donate 20 million yuan

OPPO: Donation of RMB 10 million

Didi: The first batch of members of "Didi Public Welfare Rescue Team" arrived in Lanzhou and deployed drivers to form a motorcade

Make a friend holding: donate 2 million yuan

Vivo: Donate $10 million

Shunfeng: Departure of the first batch of relief materials

More: Donate 20 million yuan

BMW China: Donation of 3 million yuan

Ideal car: donated 10 million yuan

GAC Group: donated 5 million yuan in cash, and its whole vehicle brand has opened the emergency rescue service channel for users.

Sina Group: Donate 5 million yuan

Weilai: Donate 5 million yuan, Weilai User Public Welfare Foundation is working out a plan

Ant Group: donated 10 million yuan, Alipay public welfare platform donated more than 3 million yuan

Mercedes-Benz: A large amount of materials have been collected and shipped to Gansu

Great Wall Motor: donated 5 million yuan in cash and 35 vehicles to help Gansu earthquake-stricken areas, and its five brands launched care services

Chery Holdings: Donated 12 million yuan to aid earthquake-stricken areas in Gansu and Qinghai

Vipshop: Donate 5 million yuan to assist Jishi Mountain earthquake relief in Gansu Province

Hong Kong China Gas: Donate 1 Million Yuan to Aid Earthquake Relief in Gansu Province

Geely Holdings Joins Hands with Li Shufu Public Welfare Foundation: Donating 10 Million Yuan to Aid Earthquake Disaster Areas in Gansu and Qinghai

Fast Hand Public Welfare Foundation: donated 5 million yuan for earthquake relief and post-disaster reconstruction in Gansu and Qinghai regions

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