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The year-end thank-you meeting and award ceremony of millet games in 2023 were successfully held! Emphasize the win-win future of common ecology and work with developers to create quality services.

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Yesterday, the 2023 millet game year-end thank-you meeting and award ceremony was officially held in Nanjing. With the theme of "win-win future for all ecology", the conference focuses on the long-term value of software and hardware for open and win-win ecology and science and technology. At this thank-you meeting, Xiaomi stressed its investment and determination in upgrading its science and technology strategy and high-end exploration.

This year, Xiaomi announced its goal for the new decade: to invest heavily in the underlying core technology in an effort to become a global leader in a new generation of hard-core technology. Xiaomi Q3 financial report shows that Xiaomi ranks firmly in the top three in global smartphone shipments in the third quarter, and has remained in the top three in the world for 13 consecutive quarters. Xiaomi continues to set a new record in the number of users in the global and Chinese mainland market, with 623 million and 152 million monthly active MIUI users respectively. Xiaomi has made remarkable progress in its high-end development, with the recently released Xiaomi 14 series of new products with sales exceeding one million in the first sales period.

Opening up can bring a prosperous ecology, said Liu Chan, general manager of Xiaomi Internet Business Department. Based on the group's strategic direction, Xiaomi Internet will continue to focus on global Xiaomi users and provide a consistent user experience for all sides. Continue to create value for partners. Xiaomi Internet will hold a fully open and inclusive business attitude and win-win with developers.

Xiaomi has always attached great importance to the ecological construction of the Internet. Liang Qiushi, deputy general manager of Xiaomi Internet Business Department and general manager of Xiaomi Regional headquarters in Nanjing, elaborated on the layout of Xiaomi's application ecological business, saying that it is necessary to serve developers attentively and build an ecological environment of "sustainable and healthy development". And help developers to enhance business value.

11 years forward to bring quality service experience to hundreds of millions of users

After 11 years of development, Xiaomi game has become a comprehensive service platform integrating distribution, community, tools, content and so on. With the high-end process of Xiaomi, the scale and quality of game users have also grown by leaps and bounds. According to Xiaomi's Q3 financial report in 2023, Xiaomi games grew for nine consecutive quarters compared with the same period last year. The person in charge of Xiaomi game platform operation said: on the one hand, it benefits from the upgrading of operational services and the continuous improvement of ecological construction and algorithm empowerment, taking into account both user experience and revenue. On the other hand, it is also the change of the operation concept, which breaks the traditional logic of "intermodal transportation". With the thinking of product release, the platform strategy, system capability, traffic scenario, user growth system and product depth are combined, and the rules are more transparent. enhance developers' sense of participation while better focus on products and serve players.

Xiaomi makes full use of the advantages of the system to build a powerful application distribution matrix. In the application distribution scenario, it not only breaks through the limitation of distribution based on application store, realizes global traffic distribution, but also dynamically adjusts the distribution inventory according to crowd, model and node; at the same time, it is the first to put forward a tripartite distribution efficiency improvement scheme "Direct Investment 2.0" in the enabling industry, which directly hits the pain points of the industry, and optimizes the game experience at the system level with the latest Xiaomi OS.

At the meeting, the person in charge of Xiaomi Application developer Ecology introduced in detail the upgrade of Xiaomi game distribution and experience in the system capability, which continuously improved the game transformation and experience through four-net acceleration, packet compression, playing while playing, and CPU intelligent scheduling; frame-by-frame adjustment of the game through the image rendering engine and self-development of game sound effects and other technologies to provide players with a more realistic and wonderful visual and auditory experience.

Over the past year, Xiaomi has continued to promote and explore new scenarios of the game experience, a cloud-based game distribution plan, relying on Xiaomi ecology, providing user traffic services in TV, mobile phone and AIoT, focusing on hardware and cloud computing research and development and the layout of related patents and technologies, while providing developers with full-link solutions. Cloud games can not only open up full-link scenarios, but also improve the conversion of various paths, such as reservation, details page, starter, search, and so on. Up to now, Xiaomiyun game platform has more than 260 boutique games, and realize the simultaneous cloud launch of new games.

According to the person in charge of Xiaomi's application ecological innovation business, the SLA of Xiaomi Cloud game platform has reached 99.5%. In terms of launching cloud games, it can not only reduce the loss caused by downloads, but also greatly improve the release efficiency. It is expected that the launch of CVR will increase the ROI by 40% and 20%. Cloud games may be a new path for the growth of large-scale games in the future.

Alliance + Advertising Marketing join hands with developers to seize New opportunities for growth

Xiaomi Mobile Advertising Alliance (Mimeng) is Xiaomi's second largest distribution media, with more than 500 million daily exposures, covering more than 90% of MIUI users, and bringing together developers of games App, apps, fast apps, Mini Game and so on. At this thank-you meeting, the head of Xiaomi Game Alliance business comprehensively introduced the growth logic under the alliance traffic matrix, and put forward the strategic goal of "building full-scene liquidity, building a healthy traffic ecology, and helping developers to achieve business growth".

Under the marketing background of stock competition, Xiaomi game advertising and paying users continue to grow in 2023, and the user value has repeatedly reached new highs. According to the person in charge of Xiaomi marketing game advertising, on the one hand, the growth of Xiaomi game industry is the value of the platform, and the rich scenes and the precision of high-value people bring considerable room for growth. on the other hand, the whole package marketing and operation strategy of "intermodal transport + advertising" promotes the growth of overall revenue.

A number of game awards reveal the new future of Gongtuo game cooperation

In the past year, many mobile games with outstanding performance have emerged in the game circle. Based on the annual performance, this Xiaomi game is carefully selected from many products, with six game awards: "Best Game", "most popular Game", "most anticipated Game", "Best Leisure Game", "Best Quadratic Game" and "Best competitive Game". Dozens of high-quality works were awarded on the spot, as well as a number of partner awards. Thanks to many excellent manufacturers and producers for the wonderful experience brought by players, Xiaomi Game will continue to work with all developers to develop a new future of the game.

Xiaomi games comprehensively help developers improve their application experience through enhanced capability services, content services and community services. In the future, Xiaomi games will continue to adhere to the concept of "openness, service and win-win", interdependent and cooperate with ecological partners to jointly promote the prosperity and development of mobile software ecology.

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