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Samsung BESPOKE colorful Platinum Lattice Series of Household Appliances deduces Life Aesthetics in the New era

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With the gradual improvement of residents' living standards and the continuous upgrading of consumption concept, users' preference for buying household appliances is gradually inclined to the set of household appliances that take into account both the core of science and technology and external design, which is no longer satisfied with the function of a single product. Instead, it pursues the upgrading of the experience of household appliances in the whole house. Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice series products with its personalized design language, high-end cutting-edge functions, to meet the diversified needs of consumers for quality home, intelligent life, health and environmental protection, to create a more integrated home experience.

Starting from the details, take care of the original freshness of food materials.

In modern home decoration design, consumers pay more and more attention to the integrity and consistency of scenes or categories. Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice refrigerator uses personalized and customized appearance design to achieve perfect integration with the home environment. The refrigerator has halo powder, halo white, navy blue, bright moon white and other colors to choose from, using bright glass and metal panel design, can reflect the soft luster from different angles, so that different materials collide with a unique sense of beauty, perfect fit with different household styles, enhance the sense of home atmosphere. BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice refrigerator also launched a "growth" custom design, users can be in the single-door, two-door and cross-door refrigerator for free combination of 1: 1, 1: 2, 2 + 2 and other free combination, whether it is a single aristocrat, a world of two or a family of three, according to lifestyle changes and needs of arbitrary collocation, rational use of kitchen space.

With the progress of technology, household appliances are also upgrading iteratively, and quality and experience are still the foundation of integrated household appliances. Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice single-door refrigerator adopts full-space variable temperature design, allowing free conversion of refrigeration and freezing, users can set their own storage mode according to the needs of family use, no matter refrigerated organic fruits and vegetables or frozen steak fresh, can flexibly adjust the temperature to protect the natural and pure flavor.

AI technology opens a new way of washing and baking.

In terms of washing and drying, Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice washer / dryer is also committed to scientific design to make the space layout more reasonable and innovative technology to drive quality upgrading. The new BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice series AI ™washing machines and clothes dryers follow BESPOKE's stylish and simple design concept and incorporate personalized design language into every body detail. The flat design enables the washer / dryer to blend perfectly with cabinets and match various interior decoration styles harmoniously; in addition, washing machines and dryers can be placed side by side or stacked to fit into the home environment more naturally.

The new BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice series AI ™washing machine is equipped with AI bubble cleaning technology ™, which can not only bring deep cleanliness, but also identify fabric types and quickly wash household blankets to save water. At the same time, the new BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice series AI ™clothes dryer has the AI drying function, which can recommend the best drying procedure according to clothing weight and humidity, greatly saving users' time, reducing energy consumption and minimizing clothing damage, and taking good care of the health of the whole family while implementing the concept of sustainability.

Efficient dedusting and better understanding of house cleaning

As an important part of Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice products, vacuum cleaners bring users a more intelligent cleaning experience with leading technology and modern design. The fuselage line is simple and atmospheric, using midnight blue, morning fog white, Songdai green three kinds of matte color matching, for users to choose according to their preferences, the unique vertical structure allows it to be easily placed in any corner of the home, integrated with the home decoration design. The hand-held fuselage weighs only 1.44 kg and can clean the house with ease.

As a dust removal tool in household cleaning, Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful Samsung intelligent digital frequency conversion motor, which can provide up to 210W suction. The filter system of the vacuum cleaner is in line with the aerodynamic design, which helps to optimize the airflow path and reduce suction loss, while the multi-cyclone filter can effectively intercept fine dust particles and create a clean environment for the whole family.

Under the development trend of scene and set of home appliances, Samsung launched BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice products, which integrate practicality and design sense, with constantly advanced scientific and technological innovation and personality aesthetics, and continue to create a better life experience for users.

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