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Biotechnology opens new doors: AI can design proteins with extraordinary binding strength

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua) scientists at the protein Design Institute of the University of Washington School of Medicine have used artificial intelligence software to design and create a group of protein molecules with extraordinary binding strength.

These molecules have high affinity and specificity with various biomarkers, including human hormones, and some molecules have achieved the highest intensity of interaction with their targets.

Image source: Ian Haydon / UW Medicine Institute for Protein Design this study, led by David Baker, uses advanced deep learning algorithms, combined with sequence designer ProteinMPNN, to create functional proteins more efficiently.

The team named this innovative method "build to fit" and used limited target information, such as individual peptide amino acid sequences, to generate binding proteins.

This breakthrough opens up a number of possibilities in the field of biotechnology, such as proteins generated by artificial intelligence that can be used to detect complex molecules related to human health and the environment.

Image source: Ian Haydon / UW Medicine Institute for Protein Design scientists say another important advantage of designing proteins through AI is cost-effectiveness. Especially in the diagnosis of diseases that are difficult to detect by some molecules, the designed protein can become the "replacement" of antibodies.

This research not only represents the integration of biotechnology and artificial intelligence, but also ushered in a new era in this field. The ability to rapidly design proteins with high binding affinity and specificity paves the way for breakthroughs in the treatment of new diseases, advanced diagnosis and environmental monitoring.

This groundbreaking artificial intelligence-driven protein design is redefining the pattern of biotechnology, providing great potential for future scientific and medical advances. attached the reference address of the paper: Torres, S.V., Leung, P.J. Y., Venkatesh, P. et al. De novo design of high-affinity binders of bioactive helical peptides. Nature (2023). Https://

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