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Microsoft cooperates with TomTom to develop a car-mounted AI assistant to bring more natural voice interaction

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua) Microsoft and Dutch map production company TomTom recently announced a new partnership to bring a more natural and smooth voice interaction experience to in-car infotainment systems by integrating OpenAI's large language model ChatGPT and Microsoft Azure cloud services.

"drivers can naturally talk to the vehicle, asking AI-driven assistants to navigate to specific locations, find specific stops on the route, and control on-board systems by voice, such as raising the temperature, opening windows or changing radio stations," TomTom said in the announcement. "all operations can be done with one interaction."

Mike Schoofs, chief revenue officer of TomTom, said: "this partnership combines TomTom's navigation and technical expertise with Microsoft's generative AI to promote innovation and provide users with better solutions. We will revolutionize the in-car experience so that drivers can talk to the car at will and get a reliable response." notes that Microsoft and OpenAI actually tested ChatGPT integration on Mercedes-Benz cars as early as June this year, but the feature was limited to vehicles with MBUX infotainment systems at the time. Now Microsoft is once again working with TomTom to show its firm commitment to the development of in-car AI technology.

Dominik Wee, vice president of manufacturing and mobility at Microsoft, said: "with the next generation of AI technology, we have the opportunity to accelerate innovation across the automotive industry. We will push our long-term cooperation with TomTom to new heights and combine Microsoft's cloud artificial intelligence advantages with TomTom's automotive expertise to provide drivers and automakers with new AI drive tools. This integration will enable automakers to provide a highly differentiated and unique cockpit experience while retaining their unique brand identity. "

At present, the exact launch time of the new generation of in-car infotainment system equipped with this AI assistant has not been announced, the official only said that "it is coming", let's wait and see.

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