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Since December 22, has bought Apple products more cheaply. IPhone 15 Pro Max limited time discount up to 1100 yuan.

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Pay attention to the friends who are going to start iPhone at the end of the year! On December 22, Apple products Super Brand Day is about to usher in super-value and low prices, iPhone 15 series to the highest discount of more than 1,000 yuan, Apple designated product price is the same as 11.11, so many popular styles are worth buying. Friends in need can immediately open the App home page, search for "Apple Super products" to enter the event page to buy first, and the coupons will be effective on December 22 to place an order and enjoy a good price.

For popular iPhone products, the Apple product super brand offers a super value discount every day, with a limited time discount of 1100 yuan for iPhone 15 Pro Max 512G edition, 1000 yuan for iPhone 15 Pro Max 256g edition and 850 yuan for iPhone 15 Pro 256g edition. In addition, the limited time discount of iPhone 15128G, iPhone 15 Plus 128G, iPhone 14128G, iPhone 14256G and iPhone 13 128G is RMB800,300,700, 600,600 and 4699 yuan, respectively. You can enjoy 12 periods of interest-free, plus 1 yuan quick recharge package, and the price is guaranteed until January 1, 2024.

Apple product Super Brand Day is also a good time to buy iPad and Mac products. IPad (ninth generation) 64GB WLAN education special edition limited time discount 500yuan, iPad (tenth generation) 64g WLAN education special edition limited time discount 200yuan, iPad Air (fifth generation) 64g WLAN education limited time discount 400yuan, iPad Pro 11-inch 2022 128g WLAN limited time discount 801yuan. MacBook Air 13.3in M1 chip 8 core + 7 core limited time discount 2600 yuan, Mac mini M2 chip 8 core education preferential edition limited time discount 400yuan, MacBook Pro 14 inch M3 Pro chip 11 core + 14 core can enjoy 24 periods of interest-free.

In addition, Apple products Super Brand Day also offers Apple Watch, AirPods and other products. Among them, Apple Watch Series 9 GPS 41mm version Jingdong price 2698 yuan; Apple Watch SE GPS 40mm version Jingdong price 1799 yuan; Apple Watch Ultra 2 GPS + honeycomb 49mm version Jingdong price 5949 yuan. In addition, the price of AirPods with charge box version is 849 yuan, that of AirPods (third generation) with lightning charge box version is 1169 yuan, and that of Apple 20W fast charge head is limited time and limited quantity, and the price of is 79.9 yuan.

On December 22, open App search for "Apple Super products" to enter the Apple product Super Brand Day venue, get corresponding coupons and buy value products.

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