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The new roadmap confirms that Intel will release a dazzling "Battlemage" GPU next year

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Wu Yanzu in South China for the delivery of clues! December 20 news, according to the latest disclosure of the client PC roadmap, Intel still plans to launch 2024 code-named "Battlemage" Xe2 unique show.

According to the exposed roadmap, Intel mentioned the latest launch of the Arc A580 GPU in the GPU section. previously reported that the Ruixuan Battlemage series desktop graphics cards use Xe2-HPG micro-architecture, including two GPU--BMG-G10 (up to 225W) and BMG-G21 (up to 150W). The BMG-G10 high-end GPU is scheduled to be launched in the second quarter of 2024, and the specifications currently exposed are as follows:

Xe ²HPG architecture

56 Xe cores

448 XVE (EU)

Each XVE has 2 shaders

112MB Adamantine caching

16GB 256bit GDDR6X video memory

Up to 225W

Will be launched in the second quarter of 2024

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