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Qinghai Unicom goes all out to do a good job of earthquake emergency insurance.

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Shulou( Report--

23:59 on December 18, 2023, an earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred in Jishishan County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province. The earthquake caused damage to some network infrastructure in Haidong and Huangnan of Qinghai Unicom, including power outage of 37 physical base stations in Haidong City and Huangnan Prefecture, and damage to a local network optical cable (the transmission loop is open and does not affect business). The optical cable was interrupted from Guanting Town, Minhe County, Haidong City to the East computer Room of Huanghe Road, Xunhua County, Haidong City, resulting in a total of 46 kilometers of damaged optical cable. Office houses in Xunhua County and Minhe County of Haidong City have different degrees of wall cracks.

After the earthquake, the party committee of Qinghai Unicom attached great importance to it, immediately launched a level 2 response, and went all out to carry out emergency insurance work. 32 security personnel from the first batch of five security teams rushed to the scene. Wang Zesheng, general manager of the provincial company's cloud network operation center, led two security teams with a total of 8 security personnel to Guanting Town, Minhe County, Haidong City and Xunhua County to repair the damaged optical cables. At 8: 00 on the 19th, Tong Qingjun, secretary of the party committee and general manager, arranged for Wu Lifeng, member of the party committee and deputy general manager, to lead the team and Chen Weijun, general manager of the Network Department, to go to the disaster area of Minhe County, Haidong City, to direct the dispatching and communication network support work.

As of 9: 00 on December 19, Qinghai Unicom had dispatched a total of 74 emergency personnel, 10 emergency vehicles of various types (3 emergency vehicles on standby), 6 power generators, 11 satellite phones, and 19 other emergency communication equipment. 27 base stations have been restored (19 in Haidong, 8 in Huangnan, 2 in fault handling and 25 after incoming city calls), 10 unrestored (8 in Haidong and 2 in Huangnan), and 3 in OLT (broadband access controller). Voice and data services are normally used in the disaster areas, and communications in important parts such as the party, government and military, airports and traffic roads are smooth, and there is no total obstruction of township communications. At the same time, set up non-stop service for 72000 users in disaster areas, send "earthquake prevention common sense" public welfare text messages, start 7-24-hour 10010 hotline to respond quickly, and ensure that hotline No. 1 has a general answer: "call, check, and ask."

After the earthquake, Chen Zhongyue, secretary of the party group and chairman of the group, immediately telephoned about the earthquake disaster in Qinghai Unicom and asked to convey his condolences to the front-line emergency comrades and give important instructions: "do a good job in employee safety protection." beware of secondary disasters. Comrades at the scene must pay attention to safety, cooperate with competitors, and obey the local party committee and government dispatching. "

8:45 on December 19, the party committee of Qinghai Unicom held a special meeting, which conveyed the concern and important instructions of the party group of the group, understood the current situation of network rush and service guarantee, and carried out research and deployment for the next step of work. First, we should do a good job in providing users in disaster areas with non-stop services in arrears, ensuring the smooth flow of the network, expanding the capacity of base stations in disaster areas, and ensuring communications in key areas such as local airports and major transportation roads. At the same time, on the basis of ensuring smooth flow, we should strengthen communication and coordination with Gansu branch, and do our best to support Gansu when necessary to ensure that the network of brother companies is smooth. The second is to do a good job in the preparation of rescue vehicles, disaster relief materials and support personnel, and rush to the scene to carry out emergency support work at any time as needed. Third, in accordance with the instructions and arrangements of the leaders of the group company, do a good job in the investigation of hidden dangers, prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters, actively maintain communication and contact with the local party committee and government, follow the command and dispatch of the local party committee and government, and do a good job in emergency rescue and insurance. Fourth, do a good job in information reporting and reporting.

As of 14:00 in the afternoon, all the return service base stations in the disaster area of Qinghai Unicom had returned to normal.

For major state-owned affairs, there must be connectivity. Qinghai Unicom will continue to strengthen its docking with the local party committee and government and carry out emergency repair and inspection and maintenance of the regional network infrastructure under the overall planning of the local government to ensure the smooth flow of the post-disaster communication network.

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