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Himalayan App completes adaptation of Huawei Hongmeng native application version

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Thanks to netizens soft media new friends 2246548, dream friends, soft media new friends 2205747, Na Li Yiyang, soft media new friends 2201192, Autumn_Dream clue delivery! Update: the official Weibo has been modified and it is now said that the Himalayan has officially completed the adaptation of Hongmeng's native application version., December 20, according to @ HarmonyOS official account, the Himalayas have officially launched Hongmeng native application development, which will launch Hongmeng original development based on HarmonyOS NEXT.

According to the Financial Associated Press yesterday, at the 2023 Open Source Industry Ecology Conference, Gong Ti, president of Huawei Terminal BG Software Department, said that at present, more than 6200 people have co-built the open source Hongmeng community, with 51 co-building units, and 43 distributions have passed the compatibility test, covering finance, education, transportation, government affairs, UHD and other fields. At present, the HarmonyOS NEXT system is ready to be launched, and more than 400 partners have launched the development of Hongmeng's native applications in an all-round way.

He also revealed that Hongmeng native apps have been fully launched, and Huawei has launched comprehensive cooperation with developers and partners in 18 fields, including games, social communications, travel navigation, business office, travel and accommodation, etc. So far, the number of Hongmeng ecological equipment has exceeded 700 million.

The main applications or vendors of Guan Xuan are as follows: (started)

Same trip (started)

Happy Xiaoxiaole (completed)

Meituan (started)

Where to (started)

Sina Weibo (launched)

Graphite document (completed)

Nailing (started)

Flight is always accurate (activated)

Little Red Book (completed Beta version)

Bilibili (started)

Sunflower (started) (started)

Anjuke (started)

Amap (started)

Read the comics (started)

Get (started)

Zhejiang spread brain (started)

Ovie Interactive Map (launched)

Mavericks Electric (signed)

Softcom Power (signed)

"killing of the three Kingdoms" series of games (completed)

Construction Bank (launched)

McDonald's (launched)

Alipay (started)

Flush (completed Beta version)

Bank of Communications (started)

HiPaint (started)

Change of car (started)

Ping an Gold Butler (started)

NetEase game (started)

Hong en can read (completed)

Miha Tour (started)

Himalayas (completed)

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