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BYD stormed the Japanese market, aiming to sell 30,000 electric vehicles by 2025

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Shulou( Report--, December 20, according to the Nikkei News, a number of local dealers in Japan have revealed that BYD aims to sell 30,000 electric vehicles a year in Japan by 2025. The company plans to build a sales network of 100 dealers in the same year, with each dealer selling an average of 300 cars a year.

This is an ambitious plan because the Japanese market has always been an insurmountable fortress for foreign brands. Japanese consumers have a deep trust and preference for local car brands. Japan is the fourth largest car market in the world, and local carmakers have a market share of more than 90%.

In addition, Japan's electric car market is not very good, hybrid cars and light small cars are the main demand models. In November, sales of electric cars in japan fell 9% from a year earlier to just 6429.

BYD officially entered the Japanese passenger car market in January this year, launching three pure electric cars, namely, Seal (SEAL), Dolphin (DOLPHIN) and ATTO 3 (domestically known as Yuan PLUS). Among them, the price of ATTO 3 is 4.4 million yen (including tax), or about 222700 yuan.

In order to open up the Japanese market, BYD has also taken a series of measures, including establishing its own dealer network and reaching agency agreements with local well-known dealers and auto parts sellers. The company currently has about 50 points of sales in various regions of Japan, including temporary stores. noted that BYD's overseas business has maintained a strong growth momentum, in overseas markets, BYD has sold more than 30,000 vehicles for two months in a row. In the first 11 months of this year, BYD's overseas sales totaled 206700 vehicles, more than triple that of last year.

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