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4G and 5G networks have improved significantly, and Huawei and China Telecom have completed the first commercial verification of the new technology high-speed rail scene.

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua) recently, Anhui Branch of China Telecom Co., Ltd. and Huawei completed the first commercial verification of 1.8GHz+2.1GHz dual-band 8T8R RRU in Tongling section of Hefu high-speed railway, continuing to build a 5G high-speed rail boutique network, according to Huawei official news.

2.1G turns on 5G and 1.8G on 4G, and 5G and 4G networks on the same device at the same time to achieve dual-frequency dual-mode coverage.

The test results show that compared with the traditional 4T force 5G coverage, the downlink average rate increases by 18%, the uplink average rate increases by 43%, the 4G coverage increases by 2.6dB, and the total traffic in the demonstration line increases by 42%. This means that high-speed rail users can get the best online experience whether they connect to 5G or 4G. The official introduction to is as follows:

Anhui's high-speed rail network construction faces four major challenges, which are:

The fast running train will cause the signal frequency to shift, which will affect the network performance.

The carriages and tunnels of high-speed trains will block the transmission of signals.

The coverage time of each base station is very short, only a few seconds.

Anhui has complex topography and many mountain tunnels, which brings great difficulty to network planning.

This verification of the high-speed rail section, is a typical complex scene, it is located on the viaduct, there are tunnels in the middle, the requirements of network coverage is very high.

Anhui Telecom has creatively adopted the 1.8GHz + 2.1GHz dual-band 8T8R RRU solution to build a 5G network for Tongling section of Hefu high-speed railway. This scheme has the following benefits:

Using FDD 8T8R technology, using high gain array, accurate beam scanning and high resolution spatial pairing technology, compared with traditional 4T4R base stations, through multi-antenna beamforming, 3D beamforming can achieve "wider coverage, better experience and lower energy consumption".

Using the industry's only true broadband power amplifier to achieve millisecond power sharing between 1.8GHz and 2.1GHz bands, avoid waste of power allocation and improve experience performance

Complete the construction of 4G and 5G networks at one time, the project is better, reduce energy consumption, and achieve green and low-carbon deployment.

Huawei said that after the deployment of the plan, the performance of 5G and 4G networks has been significantly improved, and users can enjoy smooth live video, high-definition video, new calls and other entertainment services on the high-speed rail, as well as remote telephones. telecommuting and other important office services.

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