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The first battery pack of the honeycomb energy factory in Thailand has been successfully offline and will be used in the local Great Wall Ola good cat car.

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 news, Honeycomb Energy today held the first battery package unwinding ceremony in Sriracha Chonburi City, Chonburi Province, Thailand, senior vice president and president of Asia Pacific of Honeycomb Energy Zhang Feng, Banpu NEXT CEO Sinon, relevant officials of Great Wall Automobile and United Motor, and General Manager of Honeycomb Energy Thailand factory Chen Lei and other witnesses on the spot.

According to reports, the battery package off the line that day is the LCTP battery package of Honeycomb Energy. This lithium iron phosphate battery pack has a charge of 60KWh, and its battery life can reach more than 500km. It uses Honeycomb Energy short knife L600 series battery products and LCTP group technology to meet the mainstream battery demand of A-class cars in the Thai market.

Honeycomb Energy said the first battery pack at the Thai factory will be available with the Thai version of the Great Wall Oulaho cat and is expected to be available in bulk in the first quarter of next year. Note: honeycomb Energy Thailand Factory is a joint venture between Honeycomb Energy Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Honeycomb Energy, and Banpu NEXT, a subsidiary of energy giant Banpu (Wanpu). It mainly focuses on vehicle power batteries, 2-3 wheeler batteries, energy storage, recycling and other areas.

In addition, the European car giant, the global automaker Stellantis Group, will increase the procurement of PACK battery packs with a total size close to 5.48GWh from Honeycomb Energy to accelerate the landing of its electrification strategy.

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