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IQOO TWS 1e Bluetooth headset on the shelves: supports "active noise reduction by immersion", with a total battery life of 44 hours with a charging box

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Shulou( Report--, December 20, according to iQOO's official Weibo, iQOO today launched a TWS 1e Bluetooth headset on and other e-commerce platforms, focusing on "long range and active noise reduction." the price has not yet been announced. Officials say the headset will go on sale on December 27, when more information will be announced.

▲ picture source iQOO official Weibo comprehensive product information and official preheating know that the headphone supports "active immersion noise reduction", the shape inherits the "legendary" and "burning white" two colors of iQOO TWS 1 headphones, using black and white two-color design, with orange embellishment color, the shape of the charging box uses frosted design, and the headphone body is polished.

▲ Tuyuan e-commerce platform life, the headset known as "charging 10 minutes, listening to music for 3 hours", after a single charge "up to 11 hours of listening to audio and video, game play 7 hours", with a charge box has a total of 44 hours of battery life. iQOO TWS 1e Bluetooth headset will go on sale on December 27 at an undetermined price.

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