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Heal young people all the time! Xiao Xiong Electric X Super Brand Daily warm online

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My favorite team won key games, went camping for the first time after graduating from college, and celebrated their 28th birthday with the kids. For this generation of young people, although there are all kinds of unhappiness in life, every good moment when something good happens, because family, friends and loved ones are on the side, celebrating and sharing together immediately, it makes daily life more healing and hope.

On December 18, Little Bear Electric Appliances joined Super Brand Day to launch the theme activity of "good things get together and super cure". With Super Brand Day as the contact, Wu Lei, the spokesman of Little Bear Electric Appliances, creates a happy gathering atmosphere with a number of popular products, bringing a relaxed, convenient and intimate happy gathering experience to a variety of young groups, such as exquisite mothers, cutting-edge white-collar workers and young people in small towns. to achieve a deep physical and mental cure.

Get together for good things and work together to create a healing lifestyle

What kind of cure do young people need? With the warm layout of super brand, Xiao Bear accurately grasps the point of the young people in the moment of reunion, permeates the experience of the healing scene created by popular products, and creates a life style suitable for young people.

Before the event was officially launched, Wu Lei, the spokesman of Little Bear Electric Appliances, went online to warm the heart, setting the main tone of cure for the whole event. In the video, Wu Lei brings the experience of "delicious food for the day" and the healing scene of a happy party, whether you can drink 40 degrees warm water when you get up, eat delicious rice at noon, have a healthy milkshake in the evening, or roast while rinsing and baking at a party of friends. Each scene is warm from the heart.

In addition to the help of celebrity spokesmen, Little Bear also focuses on healing food scenes created by products such as miscellaneous grain rice cookers, folding multi-function pots, wall-breaking machines and warm-ton electric thermos, so that young people can experience healthy lunches, friends' gatherings, elegant afternoon tea and other healing systems. In order to give users faster access to these healing lives, Little Bear also opened a live broadcast in the store on the same day, and the healing atmosphere scene in the video was warmly reproduced in the studio. Users can enjoy both an immersive experience and a variety of official benefits. During the event, Little Bear Electric rinse and roast integrated dual-purpose pot, health pot, electric saucepan and other good things reached the top of the list TOP1.

In the whole event, Little Bear Electric Appliances realized the gathering of traffic and the detonation of sales volume through the full-link play inside and outside the station, online and offline. During the warm-up period, Little Bear attracted the attention of young people from different circles on Douyin and Little Red Book platforms with internalization and scene recommendations such as life vlog, evaluation, gourmet health care, and sharing of good things. In the main position of Super Brand Day Station, Little Bear Appliance makes the sense of cure reach young people more widely and deeply through exclusive resource position and platform rights release. In addition to online, Xiao Bear synchronous layout of offline high-speed rail advertising, first-tier city ladder media and other launches, expanding the young audience, but also become a cure in the winter scenery, so far, the overall exposure has exceeded 200 million, to achieve marketing "break circle."

Resonate with young people on the same frequency and make it a normal life to enjoy healing.

From Little Bear Appliance's joint Super Brand Day, it is not difficult to find that Little Bear Appliance is not only a small household appliance brand loved by young people, but also a preferred brand for young people to upgrade their sense of well-being and cure. Why does Xiao Bear always resonate with young people on the same frequency? From the event itself, we can find the answer.

With keen insight, Little Bear sees that young people have a strong emotional need for "winter gathering" and "happy cure", and with real product innovation, rich scene innovation and so on, the sense of healing has become a normal life. Take the main gathering scene of this event, for example, three or five friends save a game, healthy rinse, happy bake a bear appliance folding multi-function pot can be done, and bear appliance miscellaneous grain cooker healthy matching meal, everyone is open to eat. The afternoon tea of the little sister has a warm ton of electric thermos, while the delicious nutritious milkshake is quietly stirred by the wall-breaking machine, and the exquisite dessert is given to the air fryer and the multi-functional electric steamer. The little sisters just enjoy the fun of chatting and have no trouble to do it.

The reason why Little Bear can continue to meet the diverse needs of young people through products and scenes, but also to achieve emotional communication with young people is inseparable from the continuous construction of its product strength and brand strength. In terms of products, Little Bear has created 60 categories and more than 500 kinds of products, which can fully meet the exquisite life needs of young people at home, office, outdoor, mother and baby, etc. It is its mathematical intelligence manufacturing advantage that supports the strong product power of Little Bear Electric Appliance. Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance has "five intelligent manufacturing bases + parts production base + operation base", including more than 70 production lines and 2 top-level automatic production lines in China. This enables it to launch new products faster with innovative design and lean manufacturing level to meet the new needs of the market and users.

In the construction of brand power, Little Bear has turned cure and happiness into a brand image and intangible asset, which can not only resonate with social emotions, but also really touch the soft hearts of young people. Not only the event jointly organized by Super Brand Day, but also the 100 happy moments of interaction created by Wu Lei, the spokesperson of Xiao Xiong's organs, and the happy bear hug activities launched offline are all its creative content and form. a warm expression to heal young people.

In the cold winter, Little Bear Electric Appliances joined forces with Super Brand Day to bring young people the healing experience of "1: 1 > 2" and become the warmest light in the cold atmosphere. This not only helps to enhance the brand strength of Little Bear Electric Appliance, but also highlights the brand temperature. As a favorite brand of young people, Little Bear Electric Appliances is really stepping into the lives of young people step by step, turning cure and happiness into daily warm companionship.

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