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Help wisdom education! TCL Huaxing and Xueershi jointly create the solution of xPad2 Pro series screen + whole machine

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On December 19, Xueyusi xPad2 Pro series products were released. As a new ingenuity work launched by Learning and thinking, this series of products are equipped with TCL's exclusive customized "Future Paper" 14 "2.8K / 12.35k" 2.5K screen. TCL Huaxing takes the lead in low blue light, LTPS, active stylus and other technologies to activate high-quality experiences such as original eye protection, high-end picture quality and smooth writing, so that young people can learn more like a fish in water and refresh the charm of wisdom education.

Exclusive custom-made "future paper", low blue light large screen eye protection

According to the data of the National Health Commission, the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents in China is 52.7%, and the myopia rate of adolescents ranks first in the world. In the current society, the problem of myopia among teenagers has been extremely serious.

As a highly competitive educational tablet product in the industry, the xPad2 Pro series is equipped with low Blu-ray display screen to solve the visual hidden trouble from the source hardware. At the same time, the screen adopts 11-layer AG and AF coating treatment, multi-layer diffusion paper scheme, full-band circularly polarized light and other excellent paper technology combination, reaching the SGS excellent paper certification standard, giving full play to the large screen HD eye protection function.

In addition, the Xueersi xPad2 Pro series has also obtained many authoritative certifications, such as RWE TUV hardware level low Blu-ray certification, RWE TUV non-strobe certification, RWE TUV rhythm-friendly certification, VICO A + level of visual comfort test of the winning bid court, Eyesafe display standard 2.0 certification, SUCA paper certification and so on. Leading technology blessings, all-round care of eye health.

Multiple cutting-edge technologies to create a high-end picture quality experience

Learning and thinking xPad2 Pro series products adopt multiple cutting-edge technologies such as TCL Huaxing LTPS to fill up the display configuration, which can bring users an unimaginable look and feel.

Specifically, the learning and thinking xPad2 Pro Max product, with a resolution of 2880 to 1800 and the pixel density of 242PPI, can present extremely realistic and vivid pictures and continue to attract students' interest. There is also a Typ100%/Min95% DCI-P3 high color gamut display, which can easily restore chemical experiments with high color requirements.

With the blessing of cutting-edge display technology, whether it is home online classes or mobile learning, whether in normal light or in a bright light environment, the xPad2 Pro series can be perfectly competent to help students grow.

Active touch display to make learning efficient and comfortable

With the increasing demand for online learning among teenagers, active pens have increasingly become standard for learning tablets. TCL Huaxing has a forward-looking layout in the field of active pen touch control, continues to innovate, and leads the industry in many technologies.

The tip of the pen is smart, touching and extraordinary. The xPad2 Pro series uses TCL Huaxing Full in-cell touch mode, which has the advantages of high signal-to-noise ratio and high integration. It not only has excellent touch display performance, but also realizes a multi-function screen, which makes the user more handy. In addition, the screen can be awakened by touching with fingers or capacitive pen, and the operation is flexible. Handwriting experience is comfortable and smooth, enabling efficient learning.

Innovate and start again, showing health to help a better future.

Relying on the continuous innovation of products and technology, TCL Huaxing has been working hard to create eye protection display solutions to lead the ecological upgrading of the health display field.

At the just-concluded DTC 2023 conference, TCL Huaxing put forward the product technology value proposition of more pleasant display experience, more reliable visual health, and more sustainable low-carbon environmental protection. Focusing on visual health, TCL Huaxing launched a full-spectrum solution. That is, through the innovative design of CG to prevent glare and reflection, through high-frequency PWM dimming to reduce strobe, actively develop a screen embedded distance perception, and take good care of the eyesight health of teenagers. In addition, TCL Huaxing works with partners to build a visual ecosystem and develop visual health standards to provide consumers with reliable eye care products.

The road is long, and the line is coming. This time, the shining appearance of xPad2 Pro series products is not only a new achievement of TCL Huaxing and Learning thinking complementary advantages, screen + overall solution, but also a successful attempt to explore the future construction of wisdom by the combination of industry and learning.

In the future, TCL Huaxing will continue to actively face the new needs of the society and the challenges of the industry, give full play to the advantages of artificial intelligence algorithm capabilities, educational application solutions, basic software and hardware systems, and provide exclusive customized solutions for partners to accelerate the development of the healthy display industry and contribute to a bright future.

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