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The new Fuxing model "CR200J-C long braided centralized EMU" has been launched and has been running from Jinan to Weihai.

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Thanks to netizens for the clue delivery that you can change your name again! December 20 news, China Railway announced today: CR200J-C long braided EMU has recently been put into operation in Jinan-Weihai section. This model has attracted the attention of a large number of fans and passengers.

Fuxing's new model uses four main colors of red, white, gray and green, which was previously called "AD calcium milk" by car fans.

According to reports, the CR200J-C long braided power concentrated EMU has a total of 18 car bodies, including 2 power cars and 16 trailers, with 3 first-class berths, 10 second-class berths, 2 second-class seats and 1 second-class seat / dining car. inquiry found that the new Fuxing model is currently used on the C937 from Jinan to Weihai, which takes four hours and 24 minutes, including a second-class seat of 144yuan, a second-class berth of 199yuan and a first-class berth of 272yuan.

According to officials, each box in the EMU's first-class sleeping car has four berths with lockable box doors; charging sockets are arranged under the small table next to the window, and each bunk head is equipped with adjustable luminosity and angle reading lights and USB charging interface, and passengers are allowed to adjust air conditioning air volume, broadcast volume and lighting independently.

Each private room in the second-class bedroom is equipped with six berths with a semi-enclosed design. Like the first-class sleeping car, each berth is equipped with facilities such as reading lights with adjustable luminosity and angle, and the sleeping car is also equipped with soft floor lamps.

It is worth mentioning that the No. 9 car of the EMU is a barrier-free car of the train, equipped with wheelchair straps, emergency call buttons and safety handrails, as well as a spacious barrier-free toilet and baby care desk for key passengers to use.

Public data show that the ordinary CR200J-C Fuxing EMU train carries eight carriages and is painted with a total length of 232.5 meters and a staff of 676 people, with a total length of 232.5 meters and a total length of 676 people. the long marshalling CR200J power concentrated EMU is designed as a group of 2 motions and 18 drags, while the short marshalling type CR200J is a concentrated EMU with 1 motion and 8 towing forces.

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