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14.9 yuan = 10 toughened film + 5 magnetic shell: 100 million color iPhone accessories clearance hand is slow

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Yise official flagship store]

The official clearance price of 10 pieces of toughened film + 5 transparent shells of Yise iPhone is 42.9 yuan, superimposed by 30 yuan, and the actual payment is 12.9 yuan.

The cost of 10 toughened films + 5 magnetic shells is only 14.9 yuan, which is more cost-effective: Yise iPhone 13PM Accessories set 10 pieces of HD film + 5 magnetic housings fully reduced 14.9 yuan direct link Yise iPhone 11PM accessories set 10 pieces of HD film + 5 transparent shells full reduction 12.9 yuan direct link Yise 12 mini 20 pieces of steelized film HD / anti-peep / green light after full reduction of 9.9 yuan direct link Yise 12 Pro Max 20 steel film borderless green light plate after full reduction 9.9 yuan direct link Yise 14-13-13 Pro 5 steelized film borderless HD film full reduction 9.9 yuan direct link Yise 14 Plus / 13 Pro max 4 borderless HD film full reduction 9.9 yuan direct link

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