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Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick officially stepped down on December 29

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Thank you for the handwritten clues delivered by netizens! December 21 news, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Curtik (Bobby Kotick) will officially step down on December 29.

After Bobby Kotick left office, Phil Spencer, chief executive of Microsoft's games business, oversaw Activision Blizzard.

Photo Source: WikiMedia Spencer released an internal email introducing several personnel transfers, but most middle leaders have not changed.

Lulu Meservey, chief communications officer, and Humam Sakhnini, vice chairman of Blizzard King, will also leave the company in the coming months, according to the email.

"through these personnel transfers, we can build a clearer internal structure and accountability to achieve more ambitious goals and foster a culture of welcome, empowerment and commitment to games for everyone," says Mr Spencer.

"Bobby Bobby Kotick should have left Activision two years ago, when more than 1800 of us publicly asked him to resign, but better late than never," a current employee of Activision Blizzard said in response to Wednesday's announcement. A screenshot of the email attached to is as follows:

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