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Gurman: Apple plans to launch the Vision Pro headshow in February next year

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Shulou( Report-- December 21, Bloomberg's Mark Goolman recently released an Power On newsletter saying that Apple is increasing production capacity and plans to launch the Vision Pro headline in February next year.

Goolman said Apple has been pushing production for the past few weeks to make sure that the Vision Pro head is fully available by the end of January so that retail can start in February.

Apple released its Vision Pro headline in June of this year, and the official tone is early 2024. At present, the information about the release date of the head is not uniform, with the initial revelation showing as March and then the revelation as January. previously quoted Gurman as saying that Apple invited some retail store employees to Cupertino, Calif., to train them on how to use and sell Vision Pro. The plan is to select a few people from each store to fly to headquarters for training, and then ask them to go back and teach them to others.

According to Gurman, these seminars have now been arranged, and specific training activities will begin in mid-January next year, and each employee will need to receive two days of training.

He pointed out that the process of setting up Vision Pro will be very complicated and Apple doesn't want to screw it up. The device needs to be customized according to everyone's needs, and if not installed properly, it may eventually affect the user's experience. So Apple needs to carefully plan every step, including teaching retail employees how to approach customers and put devices on their heads.

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