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The pterodactyl-2H drone goes to Gansu earthquake-stricken area to carry out the mission: the public network communication of 50 square kilometers can be restored directionally.

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Shulou( Report-- December 21 news, According to CCTV military report, Pterosaur-2H emergency disaster relief UAV 20 from Zigong Lantian Airport, Sichuan Province, flew to Jishishan County again, Gansu Province, Disaster reconnaissance, Emergency communication support and other emergency disaster relief tasks.

The pterosaur-2H unmanned aerial vehicle rushed to the disaster relief site was equipped with reconnaissance and communication payloads, and fully carried out emergency disaster relief tasks such as disaster reconnaissance and emergency communication support. This type of UAV transmits the implementation situation of resettlement and collapse area back to the command hall through high-definition pictures, realizing image, voice, data up and down communication and visual command, which can ensure that the command center can grasp the disaster situation on site in time.

At the same time, this type of UAV assumes the identity of "air base station," continuously restores the smooth flow of mobile, Unicom and telecommunication public network signal networks in the mission area, realizes long-term and stable continuous public network signal coverage in an area of about 50 square kilometers, and opens up the "life channel" for emergency communication rescue.

This is the second time that the "pterosaur" drone flew to Gansu earthquake-stricken area to carry out its mission. A pterosaur drone, also taking off from Zigong, Sichuan Province, has successfully arrived at the epicenter target area to start work, using far-infrared technology devices to collect real-time images and relevant data over the disaster area in real time to provide decision-making basis for the forward headquarters, CCTV News reported Thursday.

According to reported in July 2021, China Mobile's pterosaur drone arrived above Mihe Town, Henan Province, on the 21st of that month, and stayed in the air for five hours to provide network communication for the area, causing concern on the network. Aiming at the "three-break" situation in the disaster area, the UAV realizes the horizontal interconnection of images, voice and data up and down by integrating technologies such as aerial networking and high-point relay.

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