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Huawei nova 12 Ultra phone color matching announced: black, white and blue, expected to be made of plain leather

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Shulou( Report--, December 21 (Xinhua)-- this morning, Huawei officially unveiled three color matches for nova 12 Ultra phones, this time with the slogan "Fashion Pioneer, Fashion Outstanding", which has been officially released on December 26.

The machine provides black, white and blue three different colors, the rear shell shows a plain leather texture, and uses embossing technology, and the "nova" letters are all over the back of the body. According to Yu Chengdong a few days ago, the nova 12 series phones will have a more stylish ID design, as well as a more powerful integrated experience.

@ the digital chat station revealed that the nova 12 series mobile phones are equipped with 1.5K OLED double-hole curved screen + super-ceramic glass, front dual camera is 60Mp+2X zoom, rear large-background variable aperture main 50Mp 1.55 "±, support two-way satellite communications. The blogger also provided a" K9 "message, which netizens speculated was related to the Kirin chip.

According to, Huawei has confirmed that the nova 12 series of phones will join the pioneer plan. In August this year, the program was used in the Mate 60 Pro series of phones, allowing some consumers to experience the new phones ahead of time. Huawei Mobile nova 12 / Pro Series to be released Click to make an appointment

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