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Xiangyang joined hands with Huawei Cloud to go to the appointment of "Urban Intelligence upgrade" in the next decade.

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On December 20, under the guidance of the Intelligent City Development Research Center of the National Information Center and the Department of economy and Information Technology of Hubei Province, the Huawei Cloud City Summit Xiangyang Station, jointly sponsored by the people's Government of Xiangyang City and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., was officially launched. This year, it coincides with the 10th anniversary of Huawei Cloud joining hands with Xiangyang to build a cloud in the city. The summit also attracted leaders of relevant competent departments, scholars, experts, business representatives, media and other guests to gather in Dongjin New area to review the past, look forward to the future, and discuss in depth the future of digital development. join hands to open the next "golden" decade of Digital Xiangyang.

On the basis of credibility, Xiangyang has achieved the depth of government affairs in the past ten years.

Zhang Ping, managing director of Huawei and CEO of Huaweiyun, said in his opening speech: "over the past decade, Huawei Cloud and Xiangyang have worked together to actively explore and successfully build China's leading cloud native government cloud infrastructure, providing a high-performance operating base for government applications, and helping Xiangyang to comprehensively carry out information and smart city construction system innovation."

Zhang Ping an, managing director of Huawei and CEO of Huawei Yun

It is understood that since 2013, Xiangyang and Huawei Cloud have taken the lead in building "Xiangyang Yun", building China's leading primary cloud government cloud infrastructure, and building the first trusted cloud base in Hubei Province, providing a high-performance operating base for government applications. Help Xiangyang carry out information and smart city construction system innovation in an all-round way. Based on the achievements of digital development, Xiangyang has successively won the honors of "Digital Government Infrastructure level and operational effectiveness maturity Model (IOMM-G) Advanced level (level 4) Certification" and "2022 excellent case of Xinchuang Application".

At the same time, from the launch of the "Medical Community" to the listing of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) College, Xiangyang Cloud continues to expand the boundary of cloud services; Huawei has also led a large number of projects such as Tsinghua Tongfang, Hanjiang (Xiangyang) big data Industrial Park and Dongjin Yungu Incubator Park to land in Xiangyang. Over the past 10 years, Huawei Cloud has laid a solid digital foundation for the construction of Wisdom Xiangyang.

Up to now, more than 95% of the municipal government applications are deployed in Xiangyang Cloud, covering more than 400 business systems commissioned by more than 90 bureaus. In terms of application innovation, Xiangyang government cloud helps the optimization and upgrading of municipal government services at the same level, such as the city's collaborative OA office platform, Xiangyang visual artificial intelligence open innovation platform, Netcom, one-thing joint office, and so on.

In Xiangyang, "one station and three stations" (airport, railway station, bus station, high-speed rail station), big data intellectualization, "12345" public service hotline, mayor hotline, science and technology resources sharing platform, education bureau business system, people and society integration and other intelligent government achievements are remarkable, bringing great convenience to people's livelihood and well-being.

Song Fuping, Party Secretary and Director of Xiangyang Municipal Government Service and big data Administration Bureau

Song Fuping, party secretary and director of Xiangyang Government Service and big data Administration Bureau, pointed out that the construction of Xiangyang urban public infrastructure makes full use of the new generation information technology such as big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of things. In the future, Xiangyang will still accelerate the construction of a unified urban digital public infrastructure platform base, create a digital Xiangyang "universal socket", for the overall planning and construction of the city. To co-ordinate the development of informatization and digitalization to lay a solid foundation.

With the big model as the core, Huawei Cloud helps to upgrade the intelligence of Xiangyang City.

Standing at the new starting point of the next decade, Zhang Ping pointed out that facing the future, Huawei will continue to join hands with Xiangyang to seize the historical opportunity of AI to upgrade the urban cloud platform. Promote joint innovation around the four aspects of "model innovation, application innovation, data innovation and computing innovation" to build digital man, digital city and digital brain, insert wings for urban business innovation and accelerate the city to a new stage of intelligence.

In this regard, Liu Shaohua, vice president of Huawei Cloud China, specifically expounded that Huawei and Xiangyang have been deeply integrated over the past 10 years, and have continuously deepened cooperation in technological innovation, digital empowerment, industrial ecology, and personnel training. With "long-term doctrine" to continue to invest in the construction of wisdom Xiangyang, committed to the transformation from "service provider" to "city partner".

Liu Shaohua, vice president of Huawei Cloud China

In fact, with the omni-directional help of Huawei Cloud, Xiangyang was awarded the "2022 China leading Smart City". With the advent of the intelligent age, urban construction needs a more resilient, safe and intelligent "cloud". At the same time, the AI model is having a profound impact on urban ecology. At the meeting, Xiangyang City Cloud-Huawei Cloud City, jointly created by Xiangyang and Huawei Cloud, was officially released. Based on the new structure of one Cloud in the city, Xiangyang City Cloud will not only carry out technological innovation in computing power, data, AI model, application, etc., but also upgrade in the two dimensions of security system and operation service system to accelerate the innovation wisdom of digital Xiangyang.

Xiangyang city cloud and Huawei cloud city a cloud 3.0 release ceremony scene

As the advanced stage of smart city, digital twin city is a new form of smart city construction, which supports the digitalization, visualization and intelligence of city operation. Li Deren, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said, "now the framework of the digital city, from outdoor to indoor, from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, and from the ground to the ground, to build a digital wisdom real-world three-dimensional city." you need to have a base for storage and computing interaction, which is the cloud. what the cloud needs to do is how to manage the data, classify, clean, organize and so on. "

Li Deren, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering

In the age of mathematical intelligence, the blessing of the big model to the smart city is becoming more and more obvious. Shan Zhiguang, director of the Department of Informatization and Industrial Development of the National Information Center and Director of the Intelligent City Development Research Center, delivered a speech on the development trend of the large model and the mathematical intelligence transformation of the large model. He said that Xiangyang landing large model innovation center is an upper-hand move, because the current smart city is undergoing "three changes", namely, the technological driving force from big data intelligence to large model intelligent butterfly change; the transformation of load-bearing function from digital government and digital society to digital economy as an important carrier; and the evolution of development benefits from construction-oriented to long-term operation.

Shan Zhiguang, Director of the Department of Informatization and Industrial Development of the National Information Center and Director of the Intelligent City Development Research Center

It is worth mentioning that Huawei Cloud Joint Ecological partner recently released the "Joint solution for Urban large models". It is reported that the application of the big model around the four scenarios of government office, livelihood services, urban governance and urban security perception is also expected to be launched in Xiangyang.

In the process of building a smart city, digital human technology is an important measure to improve the ability of government services. After active practice, Xiangyang has applied digital people to intelligent customer service, online education, virtual tour guides, online medical care, marketing advertising and other fields, and explored the use of digital people to create a new image of government and enterprise service, build a digital economic spokesman IP, and create a national digital economy "leading figure" benchmark.

Putting industry first, Huawei Cloud accelerates the ecological aggregation of digital intelligence industry in Xiangyang

Today, a cloud in a city is not only a base, but a platform for the construction of intelligent cities and the development of urban digital industries. With government affairs as the core, Urban Cloud 3.0 has opened the key hurdles of urban business scenes, deeply integrated technology with scenes, continuously contributed to the intelligent solution of urban business scenes, enabled the development of the city's digital economy, and supported the digital transformation of various industries. Stimulate the new momentum of industrial intelligence.

Relying on Xiangyangyun, Huawei Cloud has promoted the aggregation of Xiangyang digital intelligence industrial ecology in the past decade, and contributed to the vigorous development of Xiangyang 5G, autopilot, computing and other fields. Thanks to the participation and support of various industries, the signing ceremony of comprehensive cooperation among Xiangyang universities and the joint innovation action of Xiangyang urban cloud industry ecology were also held during the summit, and all parties will give full play to their respective advantages. to create a luxuriant urban cloud industry ecology in Xiangyang.

Joint Innovation Action of Cloud Industry Ecology in Xiangyang City

Signing ceremony of all-round Cooperation among Colleges and Universities in Xiangyang

Zhang Yonghong, secretary of the party group and director of Xiangyang Merchants Bureau, said that in the past years, Xiangyang has made good achievements in intelligent Internet connection automobile industry, big data industry, artificial intelligence industry, industrial Internet industry and so on. Xiangyang City looks forward to further deepening cooperation with Huawei, and will spare no effort to provide "waiter service" to Huawei and Huawei's ecological partners, raise the temperature of the business environment, and jointly witness the cloud gathering industry.

Zhang Yonghong, Party Secretary and Director of Xiangyang Merchants Bureau

It is understood that this year, with the support and guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Xiangyang, Hubei Province has carried out the construction of a national leading area for vehicle networking. Liu Kun, Executive Director and General Manager of Hanjiang Zhihang Technology Co., Ltd., appeared at the summit and reported on the content, process and experience of the project construction. According to reports, Xiangyang will build the industrial function layout of "one network, multiple districts, two parks and four cities". Through the construction of fully covered vehicle networking infrastructure and basic application service network in the central urban area, and intelligent network connection automobile closed site test area, open road demonstration application area, and commercial demonstration operation area; in the two parks and four cities layout application scene, to achieve cluster agglomeration, coordinated development of the industrial pattern.

Liu Kun, Executive Director and General Manager of Hanjiang Zhihang Technology Co., Ltd.

With the implementation of the new strategic cooperation, including Huawei Xiangyang Digital Human Industry Center, Huawei Xiangyang Digital Talent training Center, Huawei Xiangyang Model Innovation Center and Huawei Xiangyang Xinyun adaptation Center, the "Xiangyang four Mathematical Intelligence Industry Center" was officially unveiled. In the future, Huawei Cloud will join hands with Xiangyang to promote the innovation of mathematical intelligence industry, comprehensively face the industrial pattern and talent base of the intelligent era, build four major mathematical intelligence industry centers, and create a new engine for the digital and intelligent upgrading of Xiangyang city.

Unveiling ceremony of "four Mathematical Intelligence Industry Centers in Xiangyang"

Relying on the multi-computing system under "Xiangyang City Cloud", Xiangyang has set up an ecological alliance of computing industry and an ecological application market of digital economy, so as to empower local partners and promote the ecological cluster development of digital industry.

It takes ten years to sharpen a sword and ten years to build a good cloud. After ten years of construction, Xiangyang has been in the forefront of the country in the construction of intelligent cities, such as intelligent government affairs, intelligent industries, public safety, people's livelihood and well-being. Standing at the starting point of the new decade, Xiangyang will continue to rely on Xiangyang city clouds to explore the accelerated landing of the vision of smart city construction and create a new model of a national smart city.

From "government cloud" to "city cloud", Huawei Cloud has served more than 800 government cloud projects, built "one city, one cloud" with more than 160 cities, maintained the first market share of IDC China's government cloud infrastructure for six consecutive years, and continued to lead the government cloud market. In the future, Huawei Cloud will continue to promote urban "smart" and digital construction, and join hands with more partners to build a better future of digital city and digital China.

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