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Kunlun Technology was unveiled at the second Forum on Computing Network and Digital economy Development, creating the main plane of intelligent computing.

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On December 20, under the guidance of Shanghai Communications Administration and sponsored by the Special Committee of Shanghai Communications Society, the second Computational Network and Digital economy Development Forum jointly sponsored by East China Branch of Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Research and Henan Kunlun Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Kunlun Technology) was successfully held in Shanghai. With the theme of "Computing Fu 100 Industries Network Union Future", the forum invited people from the government, industry and computer application enterprises to attend the meeting and broadcast live at the same time.

Ren Junwei, COO of Kunlun Technology, delivered a keynote speech entitled "the door to reshaping the pattern has been opened, and we will work together to create the main plane of intelligent calculation." He said that two unprecedented major changes are taking place in the domestic computing industry: on the one hand, Xinchuang is speeding up greatly; on the other hand, the big model brings about a jump in the demand for AI computing power. Kunlun technology will focus on the integration and innovation of domestic root technology, help localization become the main plane of computing, adhere to joint innovation with upstream and downstream partners of the industry, software and hardware co-evolution, work together, and jointly embrace the challenges and opportunities brought about by change.

In the round table forum, Wang Chenghong, General Manager of Kunlun Technology products and Solutions, shared the changes in current business requirements. He said that the domestic computing industry faces many challenges from the edge to carrying the core business system, and accelerating its application in the whole industry. Large model accelerates the development of AI industry, artificial intelligence changes from perceptual understanding to content generation, and key application scenarios accelerate the landing. Kunlun Technology actively works with partners to analyze in-depth application scenarios, build professional products and technical capabilities around the changes in business requirements, and provide customers with a richer, easier to use and more economical computing base.

At the meeting, the Special Committee of Shanghai Communications Society "Computing Pujiang" released "Shanghai Computing Comprehensive Index (2023)". With the goal of optimizing the layout of data center construction, improving network quality, accelerating computing power, strengthening industry chain and green low-carbon development, it systematically monitors the operation of Shanghai data center and objectively reflects the development trend of Shanghai data center. To provide scientific reference for the formulation of policies and regulations in related areas of the data center. Kunlun Technology, as one of the representatives of the enterprise, participated in the pole launching ceremony to witness this milestone.

At present, as the central node of the domestic great cycle and the strategic link of the domestic and international double cycle, Shanghai is the vanguard of the development of digital economy radiating the whole country, facing the world and leading the future. The convening of this grand meeting of the computing industry will help to gather new ideas, collide new ideas, issue new voices, and inject vitality into the development of the computing industry in Shanghai and even the whole country.

Facing the future, Kunlun Technology, as a leading information innovation technology and service provider in the industry, will persist in taking the customer as the center, inheriting the world's leading technology, market and service capabilities, focusing on general computing, AI heterogeneous computing, basic software and data services, etc., to provide stable, reliable, reliable, green and sustainable computing products and innovative solutions, and continue to create value for customers and partners. To promote the high-quality development of China's digital economy.

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