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Huawei pay and UnionPay Cloud Flash pay are the first to merge double-click power keys to enjoy the whole scene payment.

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[Shanghai, China, December 20, 2023] today, at the launch of Cloud Flash 10.0 with the theme of "starting fresh, really for the people", Huawei, as one of the first partners to create a cloud flash express version, Huawei took the lead in launching the online flash pay express version in Huawei wallet App based on its technology capabilities. Through this cooperation, users no longer need to open APP when making payments, double-click the power button to complete the payment with Cloud Flash, and experience value-added services such as bank card management and various discount information queries, bringing users' payment experience to a new level.

Tong Zhichen, general manager of China UnionPay Cloud Flash and online payment Department, said, "taking the upgrade of Cloud Flash 10.0 as an opportunity, UnionPay and Huawei joined hands to create Cloud Flash Express version, which enabled Cloud Flash to enable Huawei's payment business and completed the upgrading of cloud flash payment services and core applications from App software to mobile hardware. Cloud Flash Express Edition provides consumers with'do not open APP, double-click the power button 'fast payment ability, users can also use Cloud Flash Express Edition, convenient bank card management, complete fee-free repayment and inquiry, and enjoy a variety of real UnionPay preferential rights and interests. "

Ma Chuanyong, President of Huawei Terminal Cloud Services Ecology and payment BU

Huawei and China UnionPay have more than seven years of cooperation experience in the field of payment. This time, Huawei has more in-depth cooperation with Cloud Flash, giving full play to the advantages of both sides, completing the opening of payment channels and ensuring users' fast and safe payment experience. On the one hand, we introduce UnionPay flash service into Huawei wallet, including cooperative merchants, bank card management and various concessions, through the convenient entrance of Huawei mobile phone, so that users can find and use it quickly. On the other hand, Cloud Flash, as the core mobile payment capability of UnionPay, will be able to work with Huawei to form an innovative payment platform in the future, which can provide services to partners and developers with payment business needs in Hongmeng Ecology. " Ma Chuanyong, president of Huawei Terminal Cloud Services Ecology and payment BU, said.

Under Hongmeng's diversified ecology, Huawei pay, as the construction of Hongmeng's ecological infrastructure, has accumulated profound capabilities and experience. Relying on Huawei's multi-terminal devices and the base capability of the domestic operating system HarmonyOS, Huawei payment can make the payment scene more complete, the payment process more secure and simpler, and continue to bring users a panoramic, cross-terminal convenient payment experience. With the deep cooperation between Huawei and Cloud Flash, the payment experience of users is gradually becoming one, from offline payment code or code scanning to one-click payment with Huawei online, to cross-terminal payment, all of which will become more convenient, secure and senseless, leading the new wave of payment in the whole scene era.

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