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Green meter Aqara nebula ceiling lamp H1 listed: full-spectrum light source, the price starts from 899 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- December 21 news, Green Rice Aqara Nebula ceiling lamp H1 is now available, with diameter 400mm, 500mm two round versions and 960mm*620mm rectangular version, the price starts at 899 yuan.

According to reports, the nebula ceiling lamp H1 uses a full-spectrum light source to maximize the solar spectrum that is highly adapted to the human eye, so that the proportion of red, green and blue in the visible part is infinitely close to that of sunlight, thus bringing more natural lighting conditions. The product supports Ra98 high display finger to improve the color fidelity and color saturation of the illuminated object.

The nebula ceiling lamp H1 adopts a circumferential side light design with no direct glare and uneven light. At the same time, the back aperture of the nebula ceiling lamp H1 can be synchronously adjusted with the main lamp, showing a sense of ambient light. In addition, the product also supports RG0 low blue light, UGR16 anti-glare hazard, 0.01 million graded dimming depth, and no video flash (waveform frequency > 8KHz).

In terms of intelligence, the product supports the AI eye protection space function of the whole house, and actively adjusts the brightness when the illumination sensor detects insufficient illumination in the current space; when the scene sensor FP2 detects someone in the sleep area at a specified time, it will let the nebula ceiling lamp H1 gradually warm the color temperature for a period of time to create a sleeping atmosphere, while slowly darkening to completely turn off the light. When the scene sensor FP2 detects someone in the desk area at a specified time, it automatically adjusts the current nebula ceiling lamp H1 to 4000K color temperature. In addition, users can make a variety of custom settings on the official App. attached product parameters: Aqara nebula ceiling lamp H1 diameter 400mm899 yuan direct link Aqara nebula ceiling lamp H1 diameter 500mm1099 yuan direct link Aqara nebula ceiling lamp H1 diameter 960mm2299 yuan direct link

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