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There is a secret behind the hot sales. Ask the new M7 smart parking can be called "cool techs".

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With the continuous expansion of the automobile consumer market, large-scale SUV has gradually become the first choice for many families. Their spacious interior space, strong power and excellent off-road performance have won the favor of consumers. However, while enjoying the fun of driving, the parking problem of large SUV has become increasingly prominent, which has become a major problem for many car owners, especially novice drivers. In the crowded city streets, it is difficult to find a suitable parking space, coupled with the large SUV's huge body and relatively clumsy handling, parking becomes even more difficult. Each parking is like a difficult "space challenge", and the slightest carelessness can cause scratches or collisions. This not only brings economic losses to car owners, but also affects the traffic order and image of the city.

Fortunately, with the development of science and technology, automatic parking appeared. However, now the automatic parking function on the market often requires high parking spaces, unable to cope with the complex environment and other reasons, resulting in consumers' lack of confidence in the current automatic parking technology. But the new M7 provides a new solution to the parking problem of large SUV.

Smart parking to solve the problem of large-scale SUV parking

Large SUV often encounters many difficulties in the process of finding parking space and parking because of its huge body. The smart parking function of the new M7, through advanced sensors and algorithms, can perceive the surrounding environment in real time and accurately calculate the distance and angle between the vehicle and the obstacle, thus assisting the driver to complete the parking action easily. This technology not only improves the convenience and safety of parking, but also alleviates the urban traffic pressure to a certain extent.

Second, Huawei is technologically empowered to achieve accurate parking

The smart parking function of the new M7 benefits from Huawei's technological empowerment. Through the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 multi-sensor fusion sensing system, the new M7 can accurately identify all kinds of parking spaces, whether underlined or uncrossed, vertical, horizontal, oblique or spatial parking spaces, even extremely narrow parking spaces and dead roads. At the same time, the system also supports voice-controlled parking, which makes the parking process more convenient and silky.

Third, safe and reliable, guard every parking

Safety is always the primary consideration in the process of parking. The smart parking system of the new M7 can automatically stop when necessary to avoid collisions by monitoring the surrounding environment in real time, which means that even in narrow parking spaces or complex parking environments, the system can also help drivers avoid rubbing with surrounding objects. Through real-time feedback and intelligent control, the system ensures the accuracy and safety of each parking. In addition, the system also supports omni-directional anti-collision function, which can detect obstacles at 360 °when parking at low speed, ensure that each parking can be completed safely and accurately, and avoid rubbing caused by blind areas of vision.

Fourth, high-precision identification to make parking more convenient

The smart parking system of the new M7 significantly improves the convenience and safety of parking. Its high-precision identification technology ensures accurate parking in a variety of parking scenes, whether in three-dimensional garages, extremely narrow parking spaces or other complex environments. Especially in ultra-narrow parking spaces, the system can automatically fold the rearview mirror to adapt to the narrower space, so that the left and right parking spaces can be easily parked by more 20cm than the width of the car. In addition to the rear parking function, the new M7 also creates an original front parking function to provide users with more choice and flexibility. This innovative design makes it easy for vehicles to cope with a variety of parking needs, whether parallel or vertical parking. In addition, the system also has intelligent parking function, which can provide a convenient solution even in special parking spaces that are difficult to park. By monitoring the surrounding environment and obstacles in real time, the intelligent parking system can help drivers park the vehicle safely and accurately, avoiding the potential risk of collision and scratching.

Looking to the future, with the rapid progress of science and technology and the continuous innovation of the automobile industry, we have reason to believe that smart parking technology will become standard for every car in the near future, and the new M7 is undoubtedly the leader of this trend. Its excellent intelligent parking function not only solves the practical problem of large-scale SUV parking, but also shows the bright prospect of seamless docking between technology and daily life. As more car owners experience the convenience and security brought by the new M7, their expectations and trust for smart travel will also reach a new height. Huawei's successful cooperation with Q & J heralds the accelerated arrival of the smart car era, and let us look forward to a more intelligent, efficient and safe way to travel in the future.

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