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Meizu opened the 2023 Mobile hundred Flowers Award: Huawei Mate 60 Pro, Meizu 21 and Xiaomi 14 were shortlisted for the most popular Mobile phone Award.

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Thank netizens "see" one, grass Luo Yuzi, X42 for the delivery of clues! According to news on December 21, Meizu Technology today announced the opening of the 2023 Mobile hundred Flowers Awards. The shortlist for the most popular Mobile phone Awards includes Huawei Mate 60 Pro, Meizu 21, Xiaomi 14, one plus 12, Hongmi K70 Pro, and vivo X100 Pro. (the voting link should be opened on Wechat) is shortlisted for mobile phone comments:

Huawei Mate 60 Pro: return is the pinnacle, an important stroke in the history of China's mobile phone technology, travel thousands of miles, mountains and rivers of one mind, it is Huawei mobile phone "turning point", our hearts of the "air machine", far ahead.

Meizu 21: Yan Wang's debut, the topic of the most beautiful straight screen King swept the list of the 8 major platforms in the network, the sales ranking of, the scarcity of the industry, and the favorite of the good-looking party.

Xiaomi 14: always believe that something good is about to happen, the first echelon of the annual domestic high-end flagship. Leica optical blessings, the flagship of the small screen will eventually shine into reality! Xiaomi entered the high-end game, this one is really stable.

One plus 12: sharpen a sword every ten years and test your edge once. The overall promotion of the cup, that is, all of it, is a ten-year sincere work for you.

Redmi K70 Pro: the representative of the ultimate performance-to-price ratio and the Terminator of domestic copycat phones. It gives consumers the best configuration they can buy at this price, and always insists on making good products with moving and generous prices.

Vivo X100 Pro: full-mark contribution from vivo, Zeiss images together show a hundred cities together, blue moving water cube, popular reputation double harvest.

According to reports, the voting time for this event is from December 21, 2023 to December 26, 2023. Users can vote when they go to Meizu Technology official account and click on the custom menu-self-Service-2023 Mobile hundred Flowers Award.

In addition to the most popular mobile phone award, Meizu also launched the Best appearance Mobile phone Award, the Best Mobile phone system Award, the Best Mobile car Interconnection Award, the Best Image Mobile phone Award, the Best folding Mobile phone Award, the Best Game Mobile phone Award, the Best innovative Mobile phone Award, the Best overseas Mobile phone Award, the Best Cross-border Brand Award, the Best lasting Mobile phone Award, the Best vibrating Mobile phone Award and other awards.

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