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4.25%, Apple raised the annual interest rate of Apple Card savings account in the United States.

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Shulou( Report--, December 21 (Xinhua)-- Apple informed Apple Card Savings Account today that the annual interest rate on savings accounts has been raised from 4.15% to 4.25%.

Savings is a savings account launched by Apple and Goldman Sachs and is currently only available in the United States. However, Apple and Goldman Sachs are currently talking about a "breakup" plan, Apple is currently looking for a new partner, and the has previously reported that JPMorgan Chase may take over.

Apple Card users can use the iPhone Wallet app to open a high-yield savings account (Savings Account) and start earning interest from their Daily Cash balances. Users can also earn interest through associated bank accounts or personal funds deposited in savings accounts from their Apple Cash balances.

The 4.25 per cent annualised return is well above the industry average, but still lower than other high-yield savings accounts, such as Goldman Sachs (GS), which offers an annual interest rate of 4.50 per cent through its internal Marcus savings account.

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