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The global sales of "Detroit: changing people" has exceeded 9 million copies, and the game has been released for nearly six years.

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Shulou( Report-- December 21 news, developer Quantic Dream announced early this morning Beijing time, classic interactive movie game "Detroit: Change"( note: official name is "Detroit: Incarnation") global sales have exceeded 9 million copies.

Quantic Dream also said that compared to the beginning of this year, the game has grown by 1 million players.

Detroit: Change is an artificial intelligence interactive movie game, first released on May 25,2018, and then launched on Steam on June 18,2020. Currently, the overall rating on Steam is "special praise," and the most recent rating is "rave reviews," consistent with's report earlier this year.

The official introduction to the game reads: "In Detroit: Incarnation, the fate of both humans and robots will be in your hands, and you will enter a near future where robots have higher intelligence than humans." You'll experience the most complex branching story ever-every choice you make will affect the game's outcome. "

The game is set in the virtual city of Detroit in 2038, and players will play three protagonists, Kara, Connor, and Marcus, depending on the chapter.

In January 2019, Netease announced that it had acquired a stake in Quantic Dream and confirmed that the latter would operate independently. In August 2022, Netease announced the complete acquisition of Quantic Dream, including games such as Storm, Extraordinary Twin and Detroit: Change.

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