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First in the world! Hundreds of billions of class neuron "digital brain" enters the national supercomputing Internet.

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Recently, the Fudan Institute of brain Intelligence Science and Technology announced that the world's first 100 billion-level neuron digital twin brain simulation platform (hereinafter referred to as "digital twin brain") has been incorporated into the National supercomputing Internet ( The follow-up digital twin brain will provide services such as brain scientific research and diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases for users across the country.

Digital twin brain entry page

As the world's first digital twin brain simulation platform for hundreds of billions of neurons, the digital twin brain takes the complex human brain as the prototype and realizes the fine computational simulation of the full-scale function of hundreds of billions of neurons in the human brain. In the field of diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases, relying on the digital twin brain, the research team can use innovative digital brain simulation algorithms to open up new ideas for the prediction and treatment of brain diseases such as depression, schizophrenia, autism, Parkinson's disease and so on. it also provides a brain science research platform for the innovative breakthrough of artificial intelligence in our country.

The birth of digital twin brain is inseparable from the support of advanced computing power. In the process of the research and development of the digital twin brain, several computing centers in the National Supercomputing Internet have been providing massive and multiple computing power for the research team to escort the project into the network smoothly.

At present, the digital twin brain has entered the national supercomputing Internet. In the future, Fudan Institute of brain Intelligence Science and Technology will work with the National Supercomputing Internet to provide brain-like simulation scenario support for scientific research, medical and other users across the country. it provides a cognitive and medical experimental platform for innovation in the fields of brain disease diagnosis and treatment, brain-computer interface, artificial intelligence and so on.

The national supercomputing Internet operates the national computing center with Internet thinking, and is committed to building a national computing service platform with sustainable and prosperous computing ecology. Since the deployment started in April this year, many units, including application software vendors, computing operators, value-added service providers, and so on, have joined the supercomputing Internet. It is expected that by the end of 2025, the supercomputing Internet will form an overall layout with advanced technology, innovative models, high-quality services and perfect ecology.

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