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Lanke U785C dual-interface U disk: USB 3.2+Type-C dual-interface, reading speed 110MB Universe 128GB for 99.9 yuan

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! December 21 news, Lanke recently in self-operated flagship store on a dual-interface U disk U875CMagne 128GB to the hand price of 99.9 yuan. summarizes some of the key information of the USB disk as follows:

This U disk is equipped with USB 3.2+Type-C dual interface and a 360 °rotary open shell for two-way file transfer. The USB 3.2interface speed is 110m / s. According to the official parameter information, it provides 16/32/64/128GB with different capacities and the shell is made of zinc alloy.

In terms of size, the U disk is 33.4/12.2/6.9mm in length, width and thickness, and the net weight is about 7g. At the same time, the U disk also supports waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and other functions.

The parameter diagram is as follows: Netac 128GB mobile phone U disk U785C99.9 yuan direct link

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