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Heal the young! Xiao Xiong Electric Appliance warms the heart on the daily launch of Super Brand.

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Tired of work, come to a gourmet meal to cheer up for yourself; when confused and anxious, find the home of the soul in outdoor hiking; in the face of stress, a cup of coffee, a beautiful music is the best "antihypertensive medicine"... a sentence summarizes the life of contemporary young people: "volume" is daily, but the way of self-healing is also a variety of ways.

When "cure" becomes the exit of emotional relief, brands also usher in a new era of thinking: how can we become the backbone of healing young people and win their hearts? As the small household appliance brand that understands young people best, Bear Electric and Jingdong Super Brand Day jointly released super healing ability this time. At the end of this winter, they gave the warmest answer with a marketing campaign to heal people.

Whether it is to create exquisite small household appliances of "small luck," or beautiful healing scenes for good things to gather together, or scenes of healing moments depicted by Wu Lei in VCR... A series of innovative and off-the-heart marketing methods of Xiao Xiong Electric all accurately hit the inner feelings of young people, and more imperceptibly convey the healing power and humanistic care of the brand.

Good things gather, super healing

"You have not experienced my life, and how do you know my bitter and sweet." In a stressful environment, young people's understanding of happiness has shifted. Hedonism's dopamine rush is temporary, but the moments of everyday life that happen unexpectedly are worth remembering for a long time.

An exciting game, a walk-and-go trip, a relaxing jog... In short, anything that can enhance emotional value can be the best medicine for young people to relieve anxiety and heal themselves.

So, to comfort young people, we must first understand young people. Bear Electric is precisely insight into the deep appeal of young people's spiritual healing, so created the core theme of this creative activity: good things gather, super healing. From the value-oriented point of view, unlike the transmission of emotional anesthesia and desire catharsis content, bear appliances always focus on soothing people, giving people the "good things" of previous action power, doing positive energy emotional guidance. It tells young people that even if the pressures and problems of life cannot be escaped, those moments worth celebrating can always help us get rid of spiritual friction and recover the initial healing and touching.

At the same time of concept output, Bear Electric is also establishing user cognitive mind based on the commonality of brand and platform, conveying the brand proposition of healing life. Jingdong Super Brand Day, as the gathering place of young people's fashionable lifestyle, does not seek harmony with the image of "small household appliances liked by young people." Both parties join hands to provide exquisite good things that can cure life for young people, and at the same time, they continue to bring happiness and emotional value of healing to them, so as to make the concept of healing life more deeply rooted in people's hearts.

All kinds of life, warmth and constant company

Life is a painting and we all try to paint it the way we like. Because changing times give young people different lifestyles, everyone has different definitions of happiness and different ways of self-healing. And how to find the resonance point with young people's emotional value in different lifestyles is the "value bridge" that brands need to build.

This is exactly where Bear Electric's intentions lie. Its understanding of young people does not blindly follow the generalized labels such as "new trend" and "generation Z," but outlines the complete crowd portrait based on the in-depth insight of demand, and realizes the accurate coverage of healing power according to the portrait analysis. In Jingdong Super Brand Day activity, we saw that Bear Electric provided different product combinations and scenes according to different groups such as exquisite mothers, cutting-edge white-collar workers, small town youth, etc., aiming to cover this super healing power to every type of user and penetrate into every detail of life.

Small town youth do not mean lack of taste in life, they can also easily get exquisite life. At home, you can disassemble and wash the wall-breaking machine to make a cup of fresh juice, reduce noise and remove the knife black technology to completely liberate your hands and protect your health. Go camping with a multifunctional cooking pot, a large cooking pot + a large roasting plate, a hot pot barbecue once satisfied, and a multi-person dinner is more enjoyable. New white-collar workers don't have to be busy all day long, and they can enjoy the slow pace of life outside of work. Before going to work, use the bear egg cooker to make a delicious breakfast, saving time and effort, without supervision; after work, use the micro-pressure cereal rice cooker to quickly cook a pot of coarse cereal rice for yourself and enjoy the ancient cooking flavor... In addition, the bear electric appliance also brings a variety of healing items and explosive scenes, ensuring that every young person can find a healing life here and harvest emotional satisfaction.

And this kind of healing lifestyle, behind the load is the brand more humanistic care. Under the traction of boutique strategy, from R & D, design and fine products to create exquisite life experience for young people, to accelerate digital intelligence transformation, and improve operation and service efficiency by strengthening supply chain, Bear Electric always keeps the same frequency with the needs of young people in the process of embracing young people, so as to set off a new trend of exquisite life in the whole scene among young people, so as to make life more beautiful, warm and healing always accompany.

Prise star effect, multi-channel touch detonation

To achieve efficient communication and continuous transformation, a brand activity should have both the "height" of sound volume transmission and the "width" of contact coverage. On this Jingdong Super Brand Day, Bear Electric not only brought warm and cured products and scenes, but also combined with star drainage, platform planting grass, offline launch and other creative play methods to ensure that the activity reached the core crowd through multiple channels and realized the continuous detonation of sales volume and sound volume.

Star effect is the best fulcrum for brand to lead to mass communication. In this VCR, Xiao Xiong Electric skillfully relies on the flow value of Wu Lei, the spokesman, and its good image with healing aura. While expanding the audience coverage, it also carries out a wave of integrated communication on the activity theme of "Good Things Gathering Super Healing," which virtually captures the attention of young consumers through fancy play methods and helps sales transformation.

In addition to improving the heat of sound volume, Xiao Xiong Electric is also doing content entry on platforms such as chatter and small red book, realizing multi-dimensional and multi-channel brand reputation precipitation through high-quality content such as evaluation, food health preservation and good thing sharing. At the same time, it is matched with offline hard and wide resources such as subway stations and elevators to strongly increase brand activity exposure and user reach. So far, the exposure of the whole network has exceeded 200 million.

Efficient communication promotion, supplemented by the strong influence of Jingdong platform, Bear Electric also achieved good sales results on this super brand day. Among them, bear electrical appliances roast and rinse integrated dual-purpose pot, bear electrical appliances health pot, bear electrical appliances electric stew pot and other healing good things occupy Jingdong list TOP1.

Emotional healing is never a false proposition. Because users have such real needs, brands need to gain insight into user psychology and create emotional products and scenarios to win users 'favor.

Based on the insight into young people's life, Xiao Xiong Electric uses its super-healing ability to relieve negative emotions for young people, not only providing spiritual comfort and warm-hearted care, but also establishing a positive and optimistic attitude towards life with "good things gathering." The warmth and self-pleasing value core displayed in the process also enables Bear Electric to better enter the inner world of young people and deeply construct the unique value symbol of the brand in their hearts.

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