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Xiaomi launched a dual-core water purifier 1200G Pro with an initial launch of 3299 yuan

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! news on December 21, the 1200G Pro of Xiaomi dual-core water purifier is now on the shelves, and it is on pre-sale on December 25, with an initial launch of 3299 yuan and a gift of 249 yuan worth of Xiaomi instant hot water dispenser. finishing millet dual-core water purifier 1200g Pro is introduced as follows:

Millet dual-core water purifier 1200G Pro adopts double RO super clean water system, main and auxiliary double RO filter elements combined with physical fine filtration, 8 levels of purification, it is officially said that 95 kinds of harmful substances can be effectively filtered and excellent water quality certification has been obtained. In addition, the risk of scaling and clogging can be greatly reduced under the protection mechanism of double RO.

This series of water purifier is equipped with 12 pages of imported reverse osmosis RO filter element, increase the membrane surface area, the overall flow channel lengthened by 100%, more finely filter a variety of harmful substances in the water. Officials say its performance is long-lasting and stable, and the water purification effect lasts for more than 8 years. When it is idle, the filtered purified water is returned to the RO membrane and enters the automatic washing mode to rinse the filter element repeatedly to replace the concentrated water accumulated in the filter element and improve the water quality and taste.

Millet dual-core water purifier 1200G Pro has 1200 G super flux, up to 3.2L / min water, 3 seconds full cup, to meet the needs of multi-person water, a large number of water needs; equipped with intelligent digital display faucet, support for water quality display and timely display of filter life.

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