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Open public trial of AtomHub Open Source Container Image Center: Huawei and Chaochao launched construction, and domestic services were downloaded steadily.

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Shulou( Report--, December 21, according to Huawei's official news, the Open Atomic developers Conference with the theme of "everything for developers" was held in Wuxi from December 16 to 17.

At the meeting, led by the Open Atomic Open Source Foundation, Huawei, Tide, DaoCloud, Harmony Cloud, Qingyun, Hurricane engine, as well as OpenSDV Open Source Alliance, openEuler community, OpenCloudOS community and other member units jointly launched the construction of AtomHub trusted Image Center for public testing. Adhering to the concept of co-building, co-governance and sharing, AtomHub aims to provide a neutral, open and co-built trusted open source container image center for open source organizations and developers.

Due to the instability and uncontrollability of image repositories such as Docker Hub, as well as the limitations of some policies and regulations, developers also face a variety of problems and difficulties when using these image repositories.

Network instability: most container image hosting platforms, including Docker Hub, have servers located overseas. Domestic users often encounter network delay and packet loss when accessing, resulting in frequent timeouts or failed requests for uploading and pulling images.

Image pull is restricted: in Docker Hub, for example, anonymous users can only pull images 100 times in 6 hours, while free users who register and log in can only pull images 200 times every 6 hours, seriously affecting the efficiency of image construction and application deployment.

Lack of neutral platform: domestic users lack a neutral image sharing platform, so building images to upload to Docker Hub and then downloading them from China is restricted, affecting the sharing and dissemination of container images in China.

In view of the above reasons, creating a neutral, open and co-built trusted open source container image center has become an urgent problem to be solved. The AtomHub project-Open Source Container Image Center was launched to provide developers with a new generation of open source container image center with real source, open ecology, platform neutrality, security and credibility.

According to reports, AtomHub will adopt the image rating mechanism to ensure the quality and security of images.

The official image is officially released by AtomHub, with the highest reliability and security, covering a variety of popular operating systems, programming languages, databases, middleware and applications; the certified community image is released by the certified open source community and complies with the community's quality standards and security specifications; and the certified vendor image is issued by certified software vendors with high reliability and professionalism. At the same time, AtomHub also allows developers to build and publish their own images to meet personalized needs.

AtomHub will build an independent trusted root image and trusted full-link system based on domestic operating systems and software, support security vulnerability scanning and content compliance detection, detect and repair image vulnerabilities and security risks in a timely manner, ensure layer-by-layer security and credibility of images, and rebuild sustainable container image supply chain.

AtomHub plans to adopt key technologies such as high-performance image storage back-end, multi-cloud CDN synchronization, and automatic dump and diversion of hot and cold data to create a million-level concurrent container image distribution platform to provide users with stable and reliable image download services. is accompanied by five strategic plans of AtomHub:

Security: AtomHub will provide a complete set of security mechanisms, including image signature, vulnerability scanning and content compliance detection, to ensure the security and reliability of the image.

High performance: AtomHub will use high-performance storage engine and multi-cloud CDN acceleration to provide you with high-speed image pull and push experience.

Ease of use: AtomHub will provide a user-friendly Web interface that supports keyword search, classified browsing and intelligent image recommendation, making it easy for users to quickly find and download the images they need.

Compatibility: AtomHub adopts OCI standard and is compatible with Docker Hub ecosystem. It can seamlessly interface with your existing container orchestration and continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI / CD) tools.

Openness: AtomHub will be completely open source, creating an open, neutral and transparent container image sharing platform that allows all enthusiasts to participate in the development, maintenance and use of the project.

As of, there are a total of 336 images in AtomHub open source container image center.

AtomHub trusted Image Center platform address:

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