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Sega released a new visual trailer to show more information about five remade games, including "Crazy Taxi" and "Street graffiti".

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Shulou( Report--, December 21 (Xinhua)-- SEGA announced at the previous TGA 2023 awards ceremony that it was remaking five classic games, including "Crazy Taxi" (Crazy Taxi).

The official game report today announced the visual trailers and descriptions of these games. noted from the report that the relevant game covers are all in cartoon style, and the specific game information is as follows:

▲ Tuyuan Sega released the fiscal year game report (the same below) "Crazy Taxi (Crazy Taxi)" official description information: the integration of refreshing freedom and natural city, feel the charm of the new style on the new stage.

"Street graffiti (Jet Set Radio)" official description: an open world game set on the streets of Tokyo.

"Shinobi" official description message: in the name of tolerance, use the legendary sword to destroy evil and save the world.

Official description of Tomahawk (Golden Axe): the world of sword and magic is coming again, and the legend of golden Tomahawk is about to begin.

"Iron fist of Wrath (Streets of Rage)" official description: a series of horizontal scroll clear action games that are popular with players.

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