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The intelligent transformation is based on "calculation", and the new server products of Lenovo Group release new potential.

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Led by a new round of technological changes represented by AI, the construction of computing infrastructure has become an important cornerstone of the high-quality development of the digital economy. Computer manufacturers are also providing strong support for computing infrastructure with more efficient, greener and safer products through continuous innovation and technological breakthroughs.

On December 19, a new product review of Lenovo Computing Infrastructure with the theme of "Smart Computing Infinite, full Stack Intelligence" was held in Tianjin. At the meeting, Lenovo Group launched three series of new products: Lenovo G3 and Lenovo ThinkSystem V3 products equipped with the fifth generation Intel Xeon scalable processor, including Lenovo WR5220 G3 server, Lenovo WR3220 G2 server, and Lenovo intelligent edge cloud and edge super-fusion all-in-one series for edge scenes.

The release of the new product shows that Lenovo is constantly increasing the layout and innovation of the computing product line, and continues to strengthen the construction of computing infrastructure covering commercial and consumer scenarios. In recent years, Lenovo Group relies on the new IT technology framework covered by all elements of "end-edge-cloud-network-intelligence" to accelerate the popularization of computing power and intelligent empowerment, that is, to explore new application scenarios with "Puhui" computing power, so as to provide momentum for the digital and intelligent transformation of thousands of industries.

Upgrade products and polish advanced computing power

Under the tide of AI, generative AI is booming, which promotes the outbreak of large model industry. At the present stage, with the rise of the training parameters of the large model, computing power, as the power source to support the large model, has also ushered in a golden period of development. it can be said that the computing power of load AI computing level is the core driving force for the development of generative AI. Southwest Securities pointed out that the supply level of the new computing infrastructure carrying AI is a key factor that directly affects the iteration of AI innovation and the landing of industrial AI applications.

The basic carrier of computing power is the server. Under the requirements of AI computing power, AI server has become an important direction for the development of computing power suppliers. Lenovo Group, as the world's leading computing power manufacturer, aims at AI computing power, uses Lenovo + Lenovo ThinkSystem dual-brand strategy to forge a strong AI computing service engine. In order to enhance the competitiveness of its products, Lenovo Group is committed to constantly sharpening its numeracy, expressiveness and delivery ability.

According to Lenovo Group, in order to make its server brand higher performance, stronger energy efficiency and faster AI acceleration, Lenovo Wentian and Lenovo ThinkSystem servers will be upgraded across the board, and will take the lead in supporting the fifth generation Intel ®strong ®scalable processor, while the latter is designed for AI acceleration, which can improve AI training and reasoning performance by 14 times. in addition, the average performance will be improved by 21%, and the energy efficiency performance will also be better. The performance of the accelerator used will be increased by 10 times per watt.

In the case of Lenovo's Huanxin listed Lenovo WR5220 G3 server, on the basis of fully supporting Intel's fifth generation Xeon scalable processors, it continues the "three high and one low" characteristics of Lenovo products (high performance, high reliability, high scalability and low energy consumption), and can meet various workload requirements of customers in different industries, such as large and medium-sized enterprises and cloud service providers. In addition, adhering to the green concept, Lenovo WR5220 G3 server also provides sustainable green computing power by supporting liquid cooling and air cooling.

Under the development trend of digital economy, computing power, as a new type of productivity, is an important starting point for enterprises to carry out digital and intelligent transformation. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, they are often faced with the problem of high cost and high input in the process of digital transformation, so cost-effective computing products will be the first choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.

In this regard, Lenovo Group also released the Lenovo WR3220 G2 server specially designed for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, which is a scalable server with a perfect combination of strong performance and economy, with flexible, reliable and secure features, and can meet the vast majority of customers' workloads.

"Puhui" calculates power and provides new kinetic energy for intelligent transformation.

Under the iteration of the sustainable development of technology, digitization and intelligence will be the mainstream of future economic development, and thousands of industries will continue to increase digital expenditure under the goal of digital intelligence transformation. IDC predicts that Chinese organizations' spending on digital transformation technology will grow by 19.6% in 2024, nearly four times the growth of China's GDP, and the market size will reach US $433.7 billion, as market demand forces companies to develop digital business models and strengthen digital capabilities.

Under the demand of digital transformation, the importance of data elements as key resources is highlighted. A few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "data element X" three-year Action Plan (2024-2026) (draft for soliciting opinions). It is necessary to promote the accelerated release of the value of data elements in key industries such as smart manufacturing, financial services, cultural tourism, medical and health, emergency management, meteorological services, and smart cities.

The value of data elements in the release process, need to consume a huge amount of computing power, the latter as a digital economic infrastructure, will fully activate data assets and release the potential of data elements. In fact, as large as 5G communications, satellite Internet, to travel route planning, takeout order system optimization, film and television special effects production, are inseparable from the support of computing power.

Therefore, computing power has become a key index to measure the development of digital economy. As a participant and practitioner of the digital economy, Lenovo Group has evolved into the most complete computing infrastructure and service provider in the world based on the new IT technology framework, with computing infrastructure products such as servers, storage, network and software, as well as computing service platforms such as Lenovo hybrid cloud and Zhonghua. At the same time, Lenovo Group also aims to promote the popularization of computing power and intelligent empowerment, with "Puhui" arithmetic power as the lead, to build an AI-oriented computing infrastructure.

In order to fully release the value of computing power, Lenovo Group is committed to promoting the combination of computing products and service solutions with the specific scenarios of thousands of industries, so as to help enterprises accelerate the intelligent transformation. For example, in the field of intelligent manufacturing, based on the application of digital operation and intelligent technology, manufacturing enterprises have a demand for efficient and low-cost computing power, which is a typical feature of "Puhui" computing power.

The "Puhui" arithmetic power of Lenovo Group has now become an important "helper" in the intelligent transformation of empowered enterprises. For example, Zoomlion, a leading enterprise in the machinery field, has encountered many problems in the process of upgrading its internal SAP infrastructure equipment platform. Lenovo provides Zoomlion with stable and reliable all-round computing support with its server cluster and professional SAP HANA solutions. Based on the innovative solution of Lenovo's "Puhui" computing power, Zoomlion's core business response speed has increased by 7.5 times, the failure rate of the entire system operation and maintenance has been reduced by 30%, and the annual TCO (full-cycle use cost) has been reduced by 50%.

With the increasing demand for computing power in the digital and intelligent transformation, Lenovo's ISG infrastructure solution business, which is mainly composed of the computing product line, has become one of the strong engines to support its future growth. The results of the second quarter of fiscal year 2023x24 showed that storage, software, high-performance computing and other products in Lenovo's ISG business grew strongly, with cumulative revenue growing by 36% compared with the same period last year. With the accelerated development of AI in the future, Lenovo Group will achieve considerable business growth based on its advantages in providing generative AI lifecycle services.

At the present stage, the digital economy is deeply promoted under the AI technological change. Computing, as a new engine of development, has become an important digital cornerstone of the intelligent transformation of thousands of industries. Lenovo Group to build the foundation of computing, with intelligence, through continuous innovation and upgrading of computing products and services, will be committed to provide a variety of industries with "Puhui" intelligent transformation road.

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